Say Something Random 5.4


No need to start arguing. It’s not a big deal, I promise.


I’m extra salty today, forgive me



If all you do is post things that are copy and pasted it starts to lose the meaning. Seems kinda mindless if you ask me.


Why are you trying to start stuff?!

Can we just let the thread get halfway done before we start fighting?


That makes no sense. Getting flagged for being inappropriate not because people don’t “understand” him.


They’re discussing things, no one is saying anything rude. o.o



I mean, she’s kind of talking down to him.

But the important part is that I don’t want things to get to the point where people could start arguing.


Idk. If all someone did was post pictures and didn’t speak wouldn’t you start to wonder? o.o Think he just posts things to get likes. Like other social media things.


Eh, it’s a random thread on a forum. I don’t really care about what he posts unless he starts spamming it. (And I only care then because that is annoying.)

All I used to do was post random, dumb-ass pictures and nobody has issues with me.


ouo… look up boi.


4 things is… not quite spamming. And one of them seemed like a response to something Katt said about the toy soldiers on the slug thing being a good post.

However, it’s not something that needs to be discussed openly. Can message a mod, leader, or talk to him privately. Don’t have to start dragging it out in the thread.


What in the lord is this show?


Understandable. I guess I could not respond at all but like I said


Oh, that post wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. Just a general “don’t start stuff” for everyone.


@The_Specialist: No idea :slight_smile:



I’m. Dying.


You’re trying to mediate something that isn’t there.


I’m trying to keep it that way, actually. It’s good that nothing is there. That was the intent.


If you’re trying to stop something that’s not really happening, are you doing anything? I’ve exhausted all the care I have so.