Say Something Random 5.4



Yes I do, as a matter of fact.


I don’t like it.


You’ve played it for, what, 10 minutes?


Haven’t downloaded it.



No no… I’m sure thanksgiving will be upturned eventually… Lets just settle into the new name.

The day of feast?
Eat Eat And Eat again Day?
Family Day?
Turkey Day?
the politically correct way it should be presented day?
Massacre day?
Share blankets day?

I think you all see my agenda… ^.^

Lol, I kid…


Uh. The gameplay itself is ugly. The characters look stiff. I despise this lazy artwork for the actual combat.



Now if only the 99% of your other posts were this good.


I’m actually really looking forward to the new Battlefront game. Looks very Battlefield esque, while having a lot of the mechanics from the classic Battlefront games. I approve.



Depends on what you’re expecting from the combat. It’s 2d artwork, so the range of animation is rather limited to begin with.

And I wouldn’t call it lazy either. A great number of the characters have excellent designs. And the character cards and artwork are very good, particularly for a mobile f2p.

I feel they not only did the combat justice, but also got the character designs down.

You may be getting the lazy impression from the 1-2☆ servants, who had admittedly less work done to make their attack strings unique. But look at the 3, 4 and 5☆ servants and most of them (aside from many of the caster types) have their own unique means of attack.

Not to mention each Noble Phantasm having different benefits and strengths depending on the mission you’re in.


95% of his posts are funny to me


Most of them are



You mean the ones getting flagged. x: and of course another kid would like that kind of humor!


Oh my gawd. That’s like every game in the app store. Good card art but crappy gameplay art. Smh.



Anyone can copy and paste funny links.


Pssh, like you haven’t talked or posted anything lewd in your life :smirk:

Cause no one else gets Garry like I get him

Your point?