Say Something Random 5.4


I finished the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel with the ending of -Heavens Feel- and now i am off to watch Fate/Zero.

I gotta say i completely understand why the Fate series is regarded to be amazing. It was a wild and aesome ride i wish i could start over.


People never understand why I love the series so much until they watch it or read the VN. But now you know. Spread the word, friendo.

They are working on the Heaven’s Feel movie as well, which I am super fucking hyped for.

But yeah, it almost doesn’t matter which series you start with, funny enough. F/Zero goes into the details of the Grail War and gives context to some of the stuff Saber says in Stay Night, but it’s ultimately not important. Good show, but you could pick order out of a hat and it wouldn’t make any more or less sense.

Though I do have to say that jumping into Apocrypha without knowing about Saber (Altria, that is) might not give you the same view of a certain character. It is also the newest, so I’d save it for last anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a hell of a lot of fun, though. Grand Order (game) is more interesting with some knowledge about the universe IMO. And I wanna buy Fate/Extella when it goes on sale at christmas.


Me RN.


Kai should be asleep but Kai is still awake and is hungry ; ~ ;

Time to go check for food downstairs while trying not to make much noise…

Night all o/“


Activate stealthy ninja Kai.




If this is true that’s adorable


Ew spiders.

Nope, this is slavery.

Help end slavery, help end spiders



Free the frogs. Death to the arachnid tyrants.


r00d spider can be cute too!


You can try and make it kawaii, but it’s still just too creepy4me.

Only slightly cute spiders is when they’re animate strongly to look cute. And even then ew cus spiders.


Spiders are cute though.


Finally someone who knows the true cuteness of a spider


The way their prey struggles helplessly in their webs, when they sink their fangs into their bodies and liquefy their insides



God damn it! Jumps out window I can’t live with people who cannot see true cuteness in a spider!


Whenever I take my cat off of my lap, she kind of looks around like, “Well what do I do now? Lay on the floor like some kind of animal?”




Don’t know what game to download for my new phone. D:



Do eeeettt and join meeee

There are many, many waifus.


Do you take me for a weeb?