Say Something Random 5.4


Yeah y’all are racist against canadians.


Whaaaaaaaat?! One of my favorite games is made by Canadian developers!


puts trickshot in a re-education camp


Wow, that’s rude. What happened to Canadians being nice?!


We are nice though… we are educating you on canadian values.


But… I don’t wanna go to camp. I hated it when I was a kid, certainly hate it as an adult.


Don’t worry it’ll be fun we’ll teach you to make bracelets and catch crayfish in the creek and stalk a deer and gut and clean it with your teeth.


I was with you until here.

This concerns me.

I need an adult.


What? It’s part of the rite of passage to adulthood.


I’m good. I’ll stick with the American way of doing that: going to strip clubs and drinking way too much.


You’re weak, your bloodline is weak and you would not survive the winter.


I live in Florida what is this?


It’s the thing where the snow falls and you have to catch a moose every day so you have somewhere to sleep in during the night so you don’t freeze to death.


I thought that was just a myth of old that parents told their kids to scare them.

This is terrifying news. Glad it doesn’t do that here.


Don’t worry it will soon. Our numbers are building and when we cross the wall the snow will come with us o.o


Ok, I don’t watch Game of Thrones. Most of the references are gonna go over my head.


Just think of us as some ancient evil that will overrun your lands and bring with us a tide of snow and death.


Ok, that really doesn’t sound like nice canadians at all.


Don’t worry we’ll apologize after we’re done.


Oh. That’s fine then.