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I love Battlefield.



Has anyone ever played Kingdom of Loathing? Someone mentioned it in response to something I said on reddit and it looks kind of fun.



Ι forgot to post my darling of an Astonishing X-Men tome for Whedon’s run :slight_smile: Custom made mind you !

Don’t mind the glare :stuck_out_tongue:


>be me
>have exam
>school gives us dictionary to use
>receive mail a day after exam was taken
>turns out dictionaries weren’t allowed
>yet the school gave them to us to use


Are you gonna be punished for it?


Nope, but they’re making us retake it -_-





Weird thing is, halfway through the exam, the teachers keeping us in check changed. Guess who supervised the second half of my Dutch exam?

my teacher for that very subject .-.



@Kai Preseason’s here!

Already missing the old runes



(click to expand, or I’ll come to your house and shave all your cats.)


I don’t have any cats HAHAHAHAHA


Any small mammal will do.


We have big mammals… and good luck shaving them lol


What variety of large mammal?

(And are you counting the humans in your family as mammals?)