Say Something Random 5.4


It’s to stop the litter from escaping when he paws and jumps out. Saw one at PetSmart for like 40 dollers and I thought… Walmarts totes are like 5$ lol.


So a Containted Kitty LItter box can be essentially a cat trap… lol


Not quite sure what you mean? He gets in and out great. If he gets too fat I can cut it bigger =P


Lol no I work at Panera


Soooooo . . . Strauss Zelnick got bit by the Ubisoft/EA virus and now there is an edition of RDR 2 that doesn’t come with the game.

Went from excited to semi-excited for the game after SZ said ALL of their games in the future will have MTX and now we have editions like this plus other editions with single player exclusive missions.


I…I fail to see how this bit is considered a problem tbh. Everyone can play solo, it’s not like it poses an actual issue.


It’s single player content that’s available to you only if you buy a special edition. If you buy a normal one, you don’t have access to it.


Ah, that would be an issue, yeah. Pre-order or special edition exclusive gameplay/missions shouldn’t be a thing. DLC is perfectly fine, provided it’s worth the cash, but that’s ridiculous.


Omg I need to make one!


What does it come with?


Try to get a flat bottom tote/laundry basket. If there are ridges in the bottom it’s impossible to scoop urine.

Not that I ever mess with it. It’s my wife’s cat and I didn’t like cats before they started shitting where I sleep and game lol. Many a game sessions have ended abruptly due to cat jong un administering chemical warfare, and needing to make a tactical retreat.


It’s not hard.


It is jut appalling that no one did anything to stop it.


You would be surprised what people allow to happen. Fear is a strong emotion and hard for most to overcome. At the end of the day its our want to survive that keeps us going.

Trying to fight gangs gets you killed.





Whoa… And I thought Kayn was edgy…



I don’t care how I have to get it…I’m getting this game


Just Cause 3 :grinning:


Just cause 4 is coming out in December btw