Say Something Random 5.4


His phone and wallet was stolen


Was he alone when he got jumped?


He was with friends


Okay I read what happened, but how did people just mug a bunch of people in an ongoing party?


Anyway, sorry that happened bro. Those dudes were real brave, taking on a group with like half as many people.


My house is like an ant infestation.


I might not care for our President much but I always support the office, and honsestly this is Fraking awesome.


Ya know… sometimes the closing shift isn’t all that bad… sometimes the people I work with make it the best damn moments

Saturday night:
*a coworker puts way too much soap in the mop bucket*
*we're all laughing our delusionally tired asses off at the amount of soap bubbles in the bucket*
*said coworker tries to mop with super soapy ass water*
*realises it's just not gonna work as we're all still laughing*
*said coworker gets a bucket of water and dumps it on the floor trying to dilute the soapy water and wash it away but makes it worse*
*one of us get the squeegee to push the hella drowned soapy floor down the drain*
*we're all still dying*

Sunday night:
Background: One of our managers is leaving and we got them little rice crispy treat cupcake things which the container they were put in so happened to have helium balloons on. Also, we are all, again, delusionally tired.

*another manager and a different coworker from the mop incident inhale the helium*
*manager does his Scottish accent thing in a helium induced voice*
*laughter ensues*
coworker from this story who had never tried inhaling helium before in an intensely highpitched helium voice: Did it work?
*all of us die laughing*


Stop having fun you’re not allowed to have fun!


What is this world coming too…


squeegee a floor? do you work at a KFC?


A lot of places use giant windshield wiper brooms (squeegee) to move water quickly to aid in drying and safety.


I’m going to read this. Even if I get physically ill, I will do it.


Uh. Well that’s… Odd…


For honor starter edition is being given away for free for a week



Guess it’s time to say goodbye…


I keep hearing about Trump being the madman, but it’s people like this that wan’t peace in the world


Blackout curtains in our bedroom window makes the cats litterbox look like the most majestic shitter blessed by god in the mornings.


so… does your cat sit on top and do their business, is the idea to maintain smell control?