Say Something Random 5.4


Now sit on the stairs Tiny, here is a book… You will stay in that spot for 1 minute of each year of your life. When your time is up, I want you tell me about the situation that put you there in the first place and what you thought about when contemplated it.


Who is @Plaff? I only know Lorde Voldemort.


They were cripping according to Erasmo, no way i wanna get involved with that.

And i doubt there was footage, this was west fresno. Very bad part of town


What does this mean?



How are these thugs not arrested yet?


Have to get caught + burden of proof.


Plus some corrupt police here and there I’m guessing


@garratose @TheMountainThatRoars

I don’t come from the best place around. Crips aren’t even the ones you should usually worry about. It’s the Sorenios and the Bulldogs.


Not all that common. Plus, I was in Calwa, which is East Side. We were asking for trouble just by pulling into town. They were probably Lane Crips.

Edit: just realized you probably don’t know what Calwa is. It’s all Crips and Bulldogs. It’s ranchero area, all FarmVille and shit. Not a lot of cops, just sheriffs but it’s so quiet out there on account of how rural it is that anything that happens out there is gonna stay out there.

Edit 2: Also, my dad is letting me use his phone so I can show y’all the damage. It’s not as bad as my friend James, but still. For a guy who got laid out I still look cute. I got a weird abrasion thing on my nose ridge and footprints on me cheek and the side of my head.


Hey, at least you survived virtually unscathed.


I still read the Forum almost every day. I might not post much ( or at all :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I’m still checking up and seeing what people are talking about :slight_smile:


Brilliant movie!


We miss you. :frowning:


Meet my Daughter, Haylie. I passed onto her my videogame skills before mine went onto retirment. She is an instant ADC beast in league of legends and I just wanted share. Love my Haylie.


Hello lady!


@Delphox my Aatrox rework is basically here and he looks aesthetically pleasing >w<

Not too long now for your ninja waifu ^.^

I’m sure it’ll end up well so dont worry >.<


Wait what happened?


He was jumped by thugs at a party


Why? Where?