Say Something Random 5.4


Nothing yet, but just sick of them in general, also the MCC is still broken


Your boy got jumped last night and they stole his wallet and phone, as well as knocked him out cold. Ask me anything!

Also, fuck my life and everything and my massive fucking migraine.


Jumped by who?


I have no fucking idea, according to my friend Erasmo it was at least nine older black dudes at a party.

The last thing i remember is one of them running up on my friend James, i dont even remember them coming up to me.

I guess after that happened Erasmo (who was the only one who did not get knocked out) got my keys and loaded us up in my car.

I woke up in my back seat and he clued me and james in on what happened.


Report them to the cops


And say what? I onlt saw one and i have a vague recollection of what he looked like at best.


Say that you got mugged and surely someone else would have seen the cowards?


Maybe, but i have alreadg canceled the card and shut down the phone, and my insuranve covered a new phone so i should get it tomorrow. If you are wonderjng why im texting so bad its because im on my mom’s shitty samsung.


It’s not that weird, :smiley:
I get treatment for all sorts of things true my feet by my physiotherapist. It sometimes hurts like hell when she does it but it works.

It’s called sole reflexology (translated from dutch to english). I googled it but couldn’t find what i am referring to.
It has something to do with how everything from and in your body is in some way connected to everything in and from your body. (that’s how she explains it anyway)



You gonna be okay?


Yeah, my head hurts and i have a foot print on my face but im coo


That’s good, hope everything works out and they didn’t spend to much if any money at all.


Well if they do there isnt anything i can do about it, its all cash. I already canceled the card like an hour after i woke up


Man, it ought to still be reported and you should have been checked out with your friends…might have been a concussion. There also should be footage someplace of the incident no? To report it to the cops? And card usage can be traced, along with the phone.


There is no way that I would let those assholes with it


Not worth it to try and get a phone back. Besides, he was knocked out. He’s lucky that is all they did.


I will have a headache in solidarity with you. Not like I have a choice mind you.


CptBoomBoom Discovers Acupuncture

on your left hand, pinch between your index and thumb in the center of the meaty area and hold pressure.

if I remember correctly this helps relieve headaches.


Lol screw my life my moms never letting me play games again hahaha…


@Plaff I see you lurking earlier. Honestly figured you left us.