Say Something Random 5.4


But…digging your nail into your foot in that specific spot? You sure it’s not just your body not wanting to bend that far down?


I was setting down, indian style. No bending required. And it was a stinging pain like it felt as if my nail was in my rib instead of my foot.

Also I’m super flexible, thank you very much. Straight legged, hands flat on the floor and can bend my elbows.


That’s real fuckin weird.

Rather impressive, actually. Far more flexible than me.


Working my way back to the splits. Got a little ways to go.


Are you sure you’re human? o.o


Ah, this shit brings me back. Glad to see this thread hasn’t died yet.




*calls the scientists at area 51*

*also calls an exorcist just to be safe*


I don’t need your damn fitness trainer. Get away from me!


Godamnit I fixed that three times and it still changed the spelling… why does my phone hate me ;-;





:^ )


This is the Avenger in GTA V. Notice the placement of its wings and its build. It has VTOL capabilities and plane capabilities, lots of bombs and machine guns. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship from Aliens.


Then I saw this

It’s gotta be a reference to Aliens. I’m not crazy, am I? :sweat_smile:


Battlefield 5 is gonna have Battle Royale too?!

You know what, let them. Let EVERYONE implement that goddamn mode into their games. Let people get sick of that utter disgrace of a trend as soon as possible so it’s over with and back to the oblivion it came from already.

Fuck Battle Royale in games where it doesn’t belong.




343 is the worst thing to happen to the Halo series, and my god! The story, design and gameplay is getting bloody worse


Idk how many gens down it lasted, but in red at least, 33% hp and lower all had the same chance of success.


It’s the gaming hype of this year. Due to the massive success of PUBG and Fortnite the genre is immensely popular right now. By the end of the year however, the market will be over saturated with them, and the hype will go down again.

The same happened with open world survival crafting games a while back. Hype was immense back then, now there’s barely any new ones (ignoring the blatant cash grabs)


Something announced at E3?

Edit: Was it a BRBR mode?


For your enjoyment :wink:


I think you’re right, but most of my Pokemon were level 80+ so keeping a pokemon at low health intentionally is difficult when they’re all sitting like 20 levels below mine.

False Swipe guarantees you don’t kill them, which is nice utility in that situation. It also has like 40 pp, so you can take 40 turns not killing them to try to catch.