Say Something Random 5.4


Walter is a man of science, and we do not know his spiritual take so we can only fall back on his science. Do you think he would simply prefer to allow nature to take it’s natural course? Darwinism, as it were. As the show goes on we of course know his family pressures him to get the treatment, but should he have allowed his family to pressure him to make the choice? Is he being selfish to want to allow whatever to happen to happen despite his family? Or should he have sacrificed (as he did) his own desire to exit the world for the benefit of his family?


He also wants to let himself die without treatment for his family’s sake, at least so he argues. It’s hard to know how much is that, and how much is fear of the humiliation of being brought low in front of his loved ones, etc. It’s probably all tangled together.

But on the “man of science” part I disagree. I mean, he IS a man of science, he is very intelligent and knowledgeable. He’s perfectly capable of grasping the mechanics of what is going on.

But it’s not the science talking here. His rational mind is not doing the driving. Times like this, I think animal emotions and brain chemistry are in charge, and your logical mind is along for the ride. He uses logic to support his despair. Emotion sets the course, and logic facilitates and explains to fit the narrative. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, anyone can fall victim to this in my opinion.

I could spin his argument as “I have seen the future, and it sucks, I refuse”. (Badly oversimplified!) How good are people at predicting the future though? On an individual basis, especially when emotionally compromised, I think our record is not good.



I don’t think I’ll ever get over Sunny’s facial expression in the lobby artwork. She comes across as the stereotypical angry black girl while she’s the total opposite of that.


Found this out on my own. Fairly proud of myself :sweat_smile:

Just the kind of combo you hate @SledgePainter :wink:


Wow…it’s terrifying!


Somehow, the way you framed your answer, it seems that you know I have ulterior motives for asking…so you give me a lot to think about.


I was really hoping the question was purely academic.


It is what it is, my friend.


Hotel Artemis is a strong contender for movie of the year for me. Top notch from start to finish. I’m buying it as soon as its out for home video.


Nintendo Switch…
Paladons June 12th
29.99 (founders pak option) is free 2 play
Instant buy.

Now we just need more companies to step up and realize Nintendo wants to sell their games and the population is hungry.

I still think evolve would of crushed it on the Wii u.

That is all.



If I dig my finger nail into my left foot it stings in my ribs. WEIRD.


why? why post this?


Because I just found it out and its freaking weird!

Why wouldn’t I post that?


*sighs heavily and shakes head in disappointment*


Try it. Put your fingernail into the top of your left foot below the ankle and see if it stings your ribs.


N-no Boom. Just… no.


How did you even happen upon that discovery?


Scratching my foot.