Say Something Random 5.4


Sounds like you need to talk to your PC. Maybe they can help you find the cause and thus a solution.


Have you ever had sex? No? Well, theres no need to be ashamed. Because there is no such thing as sex as it is impossible. You see, girls actually don’t have vaginas. They just pretend they do so they can promise us something of great pleasure when they can’t and won’t even give it.

“Oh but what about porn where people have sex?” you say? Well, its just carefully edited cgi as such activities are impossible with the human body. And your friends? They are just lying to look cool. Oh but where do babies come from? Space. No, hear me out. When an asteroid crashed into the earth millions of years ago, ending the dinosaur age, we, as illegal aliens landed on earth. The viruses we brough killed off all our predators and enabled us to live the perfect life. And when we proved we were living a stable life in the form of a “family” we were sent a baby from out home world as a gift.

I know its very hard to take in. But how else would you explain us not being able to have sex for this long? If it really did exist we should have been able to do it by now.


This is why we are told to not do drugs


Can anyone confirm this?


I can, and I’ve proven to be the most trustworthy person on these forums. Suck it, mod team.


Excuse you




Hey @galactoid (hey kool aid spin ^.^)

they need your help


Speaking of cgi sex scenes, I’m having trouble coming up with a passive for my shifty desert snake monster boy in my Tier 9. Any suggestions???


The ultra space minigame is a little annoying. Not super easy to control, though I didn’t really expect more. Super cool, and a neat idea. It’s just hard to navigate and it’s also random, so you can really get screwed out of the chances for really rare pokemon.




Well that’s in my head all day now.


You’re welcome!


What do you feel about Walt’s point of view in this scene?



Ok, so I found a way to make ultra space stuff use the joystick thing instead of tilting the DS around and it’s immediately 100x better.

And now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’ve been farming legendaries, but it takes sooooooo long to catch them. Ultra balls, dusk balls, and timer balls being used in the hundreds. That’s even with a Pokemon that has False Swipe. Many of them are running out of moves and struggling themselves to death. It’s real annoying.


Did you know that all the legendaries you can encounter in Ultra space are not shiny locked? I remember I farmed for a shiny Xerneas a while back and I actually got it. To bad it seems I’ll never see it in the newest game since it seems we won’t have Pokebank for it. Hopefully we’ll have Pokebank for the game after it.

Edit: Oh also there is a special shiny mechanic, the farther you go the more likely a shiny will appear.


Yeah, knew all that. But I don’t feel lile farming for shiny legendary mons. Most of them don’t even look that good. Only one I cared to get was Shiny Zygarde cause he has codes, and complete forme looks badass as hell.



Damn, what a powerful speech, I’d forgotten about that scene. Hard to argue with him, but I’ll try.

His argument is born of despair. He seems to presume to know with certainty what is going to happen, and to be fair that might be what the doctors told him to expect. But he might actually survive the cancer against expectations. The treatment might work (isn’t that why they want to do it? Not just to torture him?). Even if it doesn’t cure the cancer outright, it might slow it down, and with the extra time, a better treatment might be found and swapped in.

So by refusing treatment, he could be throwing away a future where he suffers miserably for a period of time, then recovers and lives normally for the rest of his natural span.