Say Something Random 5.4


I thought Mountains usually don’t speak?


But this one roars.



Ultra Sun Nuzlocke: Complete.

Aside from my mishap with Ultra Necrozma (for which I’m allowing a mulligan because fuck that thing), I dun did it good. The entire Elite 4 + Hau were less stressful than that single Necrozma fight. Pretty much just threw earthquakes and rock slides and everything died.

It’s also amusing that Hala was the only thing really keeping me from sweeping all of them with a single Rock, Steel, or Ground type in Moon, but they swapped him for the steel type user in Ultra Sun/Moon, and that actually made it a ton easier to do.

Still, first Nuzlocke ever finished. Am happy to have finally finished.

Now it’s time for Ultra Beasts. Nuzlocke rules are officially done, so I can use shit without it dying on fainting.


During E3 2017, this was the only new game that peeked my interest. Rest was pretty shit or rather wouldn’t buy because it doesn’t fit my criteria

But an open world, multiple powered up suits ranging from mortars to rocket barrages to practically Wraith style flying <3. I really hope it doesn’t fall flat like No Man’s Sky


Also @IWannaBeATiger

Let’s face it…waiting for a sequel only to recycle pretty much 70% of the items from D1 was a major letdown. If you like it so be it but I can definitely speak for the majority of the community that they as well were disappointed with current and past DLCs

But watching the video Destiny 2: Forsaken today definitely lit my interest back up. Especially with the new supers, multiple weapons of having 3 shotguns or 3 rocket launchers and especially the talk about new subclass paths


Never got to play D1 also not really a fan of the D1 community. Asides from that the gameplay is fun.


It’s midnight here, and I’m in incredible pain in my leg. I am unsure if I should go to the ER or not since it’s midnight and I don’t want to pay if I dont have to…don’t want to wake anyone but the pain has gotten worse. I’ve had blood clots in my lungs in the past that almost took me out, and I kinda feel some pain there but it could be just my mind…not the same spot as before. I’m biding my time.

Edit: I guess I’ll make the drive. A blood test won’t hurt.


I thought they were dates lol

Also to answer your hulk question. Sounds like you need to watch thor ragnarock.


Guess it was a good thing I went after all. I have a very high pain tolerance so I can hold out a long time, but they did find a clot…:worried:. Don’t know yet if I will be admitted.


I had a DVT… They put me on warfarrin. first though I had to do shots into my stomach daily for like a month of liquad warfarring before I moved onto capsules.

I feel for you sledge. and let them admit you… You will start your treatments there and continue later on at your house but let them flush your system. I almost lost my arm from and the Doctor told me I would be dead based on how my body was accepting the treatment. They didnt know where the clot came from, but it started under my right clavical… Thats some scary stuff… be safe and careful and if you do go on warfarrin you will bruise with just thinking about it.

Best Wishes, Hugs and all the light my heart can give.


I’ve had the stomach injections 2-3 times a day during my whole pregnancy for having had a double PE. It was Lovenox. It was like liquid fire, and doubled me over. The pain was so bad one time they injected me I threw up. I will resist with everything I have if they tell me to take stomach injections again.


Since the clot is below the knee I don’t have to be admitted, so I’m going home…also with a script for pills and not injections, thankfully. But the drive hurts, yo.


Good thing you went. Be better safe than dead when it comes to clots. We don’t need you stroking out on us Sledge.


Had they said I would need the stomach shots again…I honestly can’t say I wouldn’t have weighed the alternative of just not taking them and rolling the life dice. And on the way home I almost clipped a deer that came out of nowhere, if you can believe it. Luckily I was only doing 30 instead of 60.

None of us are promised a tomorrow.


Thats true but we can try to at least stack the dice in our favor.


I will say it bluntly for you Sledge. Having a CLOT just plain SUCKS xxx


I thought I knew why the first time happened…due to birth control medications, nothing more. But I am on none, no drugs, no shots… so now…I do not know why this happened. I feel now, that there are fewer days ahead for me than behind.


Sounds like you need to talk to your PC. Maybe they can help you find the cause and thus a solution.


Have you ever had sex? No? Well, theres no need to be ashamed. Because there is no such thing as sex as it is impossible. You see, girls actually don’t have vaginas. They just pretend they do so they can promise us something of great pleasure when they can’t and won’t even give it.

“Oh but what about porn where people have sex?” you say? Well, its just carefully edited cgi as such activities are impossible with the human body. And your friends? They are just lying to look cool. Oh but where do babies come from? Space. No, hear me out. When an asteroid crashed into the earth millions of years ago, ending the dinosaur age, we, as illegal aliens landed on earth. The viruses we brough killed off all our predators and enabled us to live the perfect life. And when we proved we were living a stable life in the form of a “family” we were sent a baby from out home world as a gift.

I know its very hard to take in. But how else would you explain us not being able to have sex for this long? If it really did exist we should have been able to do it by now.