Say Something Random 5.4


Really sucks to hear that you’re having a shit time with things, but this ^ is a feeling that I can sympthatise with greatly. It feels like any time the water starts to settle, Despair throws a stone at it.


holy fark… you should really watch this… if anything its a fantastic coincidence…

…or is it?


You must not have seen all of the Simpsons references as well?


piece by piece… You know what I really like about the above though? He mentions mass concentration of consciousness focused on a single event and how it was our own warning kind of sent out subliminally to the past. (time is a sphere not a straight line.)

and that’s just a neat idea.

I will have to look into the simpsons stuff, I get so much conspiracy stuff across my desk now its insane… I usually catch em as the decide to pop up in my list.

(the walk is more Zemeckis being clever in 2015)


So… Ultra Necrozma was significantly stronger than expected. I thought I would be fighting the regular one, but holy fucking shit that was ridiculous. The level 60 average on my mons simply was not good enough, but they have a cap set at 65, which is so dumb.

It wiped me and I am calling a fuckin mulligan. There’s no worldly way someone could have prepped for that shit in a Nuzlocke. I’m calling the bullshit clause here.


You now know the true power of the Nuzlock Destroyer.

Edit: Since you’ve encountered him now I’ll let you know that he’s a Psychic Dragon type so I suggest bringing a Mimicu (or however you spell his name) and use it’s Z move to deal massive damage and negate the damage with its ability decoy.

Edit 2: also I suggest not using a Pokémon that has a weakness to one of his moves as his ability NeuroForce gives a 25% damage bonus on super effective moves he uses.


Oh, I already killed him. Figured out his typing real quick the first time and adjusted the second go. Had my Power Construct Zygarde murder it with Core Enforcer (nullifies ability) and then the dragon Z move.

It’s awful going in blind, but largely not super tough when you know what it is.


does this look tasty? I made up a dish combining a few things.
can you guess what it is? lol


I dunno but the rice looks amazing.


The rice was amazing… It is my new style recipe that i completed on my own. it is super delish Glad you spotted the hero of the plate… ^.^ ps… it is my own tofu chicken nugget recipe ^.^ this plate is like 99.9 percent vegan So its a Sesame Tofu chicken recipe


During the live Meeting with Elon Musk today, someone asked if they would make motorcycles… The chat room started thingking of names like tesla rocket…

Then someone said, they didnt say tricycles…
Then I said… it would be called Teslaicles.
your welcome.

Later on in the chat people started calling it that lol


I hope anthem turns out good


NEED movie HELP!!!

WHAT… is the air speed… wait… wrong question… Oh yes If the last movie I saw in the Avengers timeline was Homecoming, what are the really key movies I should see to be caught up enough to not really see any holes?

Avengers Infinity War Spoiler

(How did we get to the Hulk fighting thanos all of the sudden at the start) when did that jump happen that they had some hulk world storyline?)


Anthem is doomed to fail. It looks visually stunning and interesting, no denying that. But because of the fact it is under a publisher that has not learned from its mistakes, it’s better to just forget it entirely

Anthem will just be another Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 is fun though.


We don’t know yet tho it could be great.


I like destiny 2 though…

I’m obviously not gonna preorder and will probably wait a week but I’m hopeful



Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Just don’t have my hopes up for it.

Interesting read here though:


I thought they were dates or dried plums or something for a sec and then I was like “that ain’t right what is that?” lmfao :joy:


Your shrug is broken…