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When a supposed Italian restaurant has incorrect shit in the menu like “Favorito del nonna” and “Quattro formaggio”, you know there’s something wrong cooking.



Sooo… I have an old Bestie, he lives in Florida and like always he is chasing passively the desire. His desire? friends recent ex or involved women. So over the last week he detailed out how much she is using him for emotional non sexual bestie support.

He always puts himself here… Even after all the texting… he doesn’t see it himself. So today he posted a midnight swim party with her at his house while still working the best friend angle. (don’t be passive)

So directly under the picture I posted this.


Meh food can be good and authentic without being that ethnicity and it can be bad even if they are the correct ethnicity.


Venture Bros is the best animated comedy from Adult Swim hands down. There is nothing better.


Well, if whoever it was still wanted a random famous youtuber to play Evolve, you have a chance.

Nerdcubed is writing a book, and is having the publishing crowdfunded. There are multiple tiers of rewards, including one that lets you choose a game for him to play for an editted video.

It will cost you $2,100 usd, and there are only two spots left.


Shiny Power Construct Zygarde. Glorious, though real sad you don’t get to just have the Complete Form. Gotta wait until you’re at 50% HP, then it transforms.

I do wish I could get it as a giant gundam looking pokemon. That’d be the best. Like Golurk, but actually good.


Mudsdale can be surprisingly OP when it has the Stamina ability. Becomes a downright tank.


True, though it relies on getting hit a few more times than I’m comfortable with tbh. Even if you heal each time, I still wouldn’t rely on it. A crit ignores all that defense buildup. And it doesn’t have super great special defense.

I’d say it’s about average in terms of tanking because the base defense stats leave a bit to be desired, and the ability doesn’t account for special moves.

My favorite tanks are probably Toxapex and Doublade. Probably also Furfrou. Toxapex and Doublade just have pretty good typing for fighting a lot of the stuff in Gen 7 (Toxapex also has the ability Merciless, which is hilariously broken). Furfrou has Fur Coat, which doubles its already respectable defense, and it’s normal type so the only thing that really hurts is fighting.


drive reck not my fault cant think


You okay sounds serious



Best movie, would watch again, 11/10, Oscar winner


It’s excellent against multi-hit moves though, since it procs on every hit. Leaves a bit to be desired when fighting against ice-types though. Leftovers might help with your healing point.

I know it isn’t the best defense mon, but it was superb during my playthrough.


Oh, I won’t argue that. It’s definitely a good mon. Just personally not a fan cause other stuff suits me better. Ground type in general feels like it drew a bit of a short straw this generation, honestly.

Ice, Water, and Grass weakness can be pretty rough. Lots of water in Alola, and Mt Lanakila is full of ice types.


On an unrelated note, I’m feeling in the mood to play Evolve. Not sure if I should hop on Xbox or Stage 2 though.


Stage 2 servers are gone, I don’t think you can play it.


I thought they didn’t go down until September 3rd?

Edit: Yes, up until September.


You’re correct. I just don’t know how to read. My bad.


passed out, head hurts atm… thaks for askinjg


Well, since this time I was able to play one round on Stage 2, which was three players and a bot against a bot. Almost had a Hunt Beta match, but someone left immediately after character selection and started the process over again.

It was a fun match. But sitting there for nearly an hour is rough.