Say Something Random 5.4


Article said Involuntary Manslaughter AND Second Degree Murder.

Don’t know why murder is on there, since that requires intent (except when already performing a felony), but maybe they are throwing everything on the wall and seeing what sticks.


I did that once, I thought I was buying a delish looking Granny Smith in the Market… Got outside took a bite, and it was an apple that has a mushy texture on the inside, never crisp ewww. Couldn’t agree with you more on that. lil buggers.


I was thinking it was a meth thing that exploded or something…






I’m sad and hurt… and I don’t know why.


I know the feels.


1st seconds made my feet tingle from height anxiety


Nope. He had the bunker powered using extension cords. Huge fire risk.


ok, thats and ID Ten T error right there. If you need a bunker… chances are those cords will no longer work…


My whole original team in Ultra sun, not counting my starter, is now dead. I haven’t wiped yet and I’m on the Ghost trial, but I lost several mons that would have been really fun to end up with
Fuckin Whiscash killed my Mawile. I love Mawile and was so excited to use it in the nuzlocke. /dies

But since they died, and I realized how savage this game could be if I get lazy, I ended up allowing myself to get the totem-sized Pokemon. So far, the gigantic Marowak is kind of friggin great. Will shortly be getting the totem Lurantis, as well. I also never really realized how good Starmie was until my other psychic type died. Special sweeper ftw.


His huge illegal tunnels might be the reason.


Why do you do this to yourself?!!! :tired_face:


Cause it’s fun. I find myself appreciating the individual pokemon a lot more when I can’t just go off and catch as many as I want.

For example, I’ve never used Komala before, but this nuzlocke has made me find that I actually quite like it. Same with Starmie. And, honestly, I used to scoff at the whole normal type in general, but 3 of the most useful things I’ve run into during a nuzlocke have been normal, and that just baffled me.

The core gameplay is actually a hell of a lot better when you’re forced to actually try. Normally it’s “go here, catch these meta mons, grind, then sweep”. But one of these runs flips that on its head and thinking in battle is no longer optional, because battles matter a lot more.

In short, it makes the game feel better -more rewading - and helps me explore pokemon I would normally gloss over entirely. Yeah, it sucks being annoyed or sad at the ones I lose, but it’s worth it when you finally pull through something tough. I definitely recommend a nuzlocke run at some point.


Dude, I haven’t even finished this game yet. I’m thinking I never will…it keeps going on and on.


Which game? One of the ultras or a different one?


Ultra Sun. I had started OG Sun but then re-started Ultra Sun after transferring my pokes over. I’m still playing this sucker. I thought it would finish after I took out all of the Skull gang but no…now I am running somewhere through the Ether foundation looking for Cosmog and Lilly. I think Lilly needs to get in the bag as well to stay out of trouble.


I’m doing that right now. It’s maybe…halfway? That is in the original of course. The ultra versions add a significant amount of stuff that wasn’t in the originals. The normal “ending” is the same, but after that it’s all kinds of stuff for “postgame”. All optional, of course. (But I recommend doing it. The Ultra Beast hunting is hella fun)

Yeah, sadly. She’s a fairly useless character.

Oh, btw. When you “finish” the game, look up a Pokemon called ‘Magearna’. It’s only available once you’ve reached the end of the required stuff, but it’s a neat pokemon that you can get for free.

Also, if you haven’t already, go to GameStop and ask for a Zygarde ticket/code/thingy. It’s a free shiny legendary, which are real close to impossible to get legitimately. IIRC he’s also good.


People that compare used books and libraries to pirating are literally retarded