Say Something Random 5.4


I tan really easily so I stay away from the sun like a vampire.


This is the truest shit…

W-why would you do that to yourself?

Hahahahahahahaha I don’t tan ever, stay away from the sun, and could still end up burning .-.


Cause it’s super comfy napping in the sunlight


It’s only good to nap in the sun during the winter. Otherwise it’s too hot.

Also, my nose has started profusely bleeding twice in the past few hours and I feel twice as bad as when I actively donate blood. Dizzy, massive headache, and I ended up swallowing a lot in the process of trying not to make a big red line leading to a bathroom so I’m feeling kinda pukey (but that’s likely psychological. Not like I chugged it, and it wasn’t enough to actually make me vomit)

This is going to happen almost every day this summer, like every summer here, and I’m really not looking forward to it.


poor poor thing your watching to many anime. .


Psshh I wish that’s why my face was bleeding. But alas, it’s just the universe flipping me the bird.




My little brother is going through that “no one understands me” phase of his life… Oh how I wish I could tell him how great he is and how he can help himself without him making excusing and saying I don’t understand but when I ask to explain he refuses to explain saying I still won’t understand.




Happy pride month, bishes :metal: :rainbow:




We had them for a while. I miss them. B(


I like Mike and Ike’s tropical typhoon more



Blue is always the worst flavour if it gets added at a later date


Green apple is the worst flavor.


Oh I saw this, didn’t want read it because of what my be in the article. good read?


GRANNY SMITH APPLES are the best… (not norm greens but the SOUR ones… OMG) LOve the Sour Apples… They make great pies, go great in a turkey while it cooks… its sour…

Oh and they are crispy sour too boot.! (and its from Australia to boot)

nom nom nom, but the green apples that are not sour… ewww. gross get those the f away from me.


Fake sour apple flavor is the literal worst tho.


Nothing too crazy. Just some stupidity. Appears to be an accident. They re charging him with second degree manslaughter.