Say Something Random 5.4


Clear tomato soup…? Interesting.


I can’t even find a caption for this :joy:



No lives? :’(


He looks like Caveman Sponge Bob with this pose.
I shall call it “Caveman Grizzle”.


“Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, molded by it” - Bane Grizzle


I find it funny how preparation methods determine how many potatoes I can eat. 1 potatoe baked, 2 mashed, 4-6 for hash browns


Any roleplayers interested in a Battle type RP?

  • Yes, I’ll send you a DM
  • No, fuck your croissant

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After several hours of use.

Not shave worthy anymore but I can fix that.


Nah, it just means you gotta try harder. Even if that means shaving a little flesh off.


Its okay. Its better now.


That’s actually rather impressive. What did you sharpen it with? Got a block or a wheel? Or one of those belt grinders?


Good ol’ arkansas black stone. I could probably get a cleaner cut and refine it some but I’m rather tired.


His abs 


I like this. It’s new canon. Cpt is fuckin hardcore.


I’m hoping to run out of trees to chop eventually.


Good news Stalker 2 was announced! Bad news 2021 also the original team was disbanded back in 2011 and this is apparently some totally new team so uh yeah maybe it’ll be good more likely it’ll be an ME:A situation


Never played it. Looked good though.


Hopefully it ends up good but definitely a wait and see


Hate it when people just offer things in the GTS and only ask for legendary pokemon. Like, not even uncommon or rare things. Saw people wanting Mewtwo and Giratina for a Boldore.

That’s just so wrong.


Here is rattata gib moltres plz