Say Something Random 5.4


Yeah there are definitely those who say GG even if it wasn’t a good match at all, or if it resulted in a overpowering win that it could even hardly be called a “good match”.

Although in most cases, I feel GG is just more used to say “thanks for the match” rather than saying that it was a good match.


Yes while GG can have some negative and irritating connotations attached to it, most often times people will say GG after a match regardless if they win or lose, but it’s more of a farewell thing. Like thanks for playing cya. Again, even that can be taken in a bad way.


I have never seen gg taken a bad way before. I have seen variations like bg…


Too me, it’s definitely lost the meaning “Good Game”. I play Brawlhalla quite a bit and always find the Winner saying “GG” and then leaving and the Loser just leaving. I have fought multiple people who win and say GG and then lose the next game and leave.

I pretty much just leave unless I genuinely feel like the game I just played was both fair for me and the opponent as well as no toxicity took place. Otherwise, I leave.

In this circumstance you played with friends and had fun and if you won or lost and thought it was a good fight you would say “GG” and would be ok. Although if some player was useless, avoiding helping and/or was a troll then nah, hecc him and you team would be pointing that “GG” towards you or you towards them

Of course, I know what your saying but still if you don’t reply GG back to your opponent it’s best to just not say it at all

For real? You play Overwatch right?


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I did, and I love it. Even the music intro is memorable.

Foxtrot’s elder version is even voiced in the game!


Honestly I think gg is more prevalent in pc games. In console, you can’t really type anything. The most you can do is say gg to your teammates who have a mic. But then again, a lot of people don’t have one anyway. At least for overwatch anyway.


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Some people when they lose get salty and just want to leave but that doesn’t mean the people saying GG are being rude.

I really don’t see why.


Guys, just a fair warning. Keep it civil. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know things are OK now but it can quickly go downhill and I prefer to remind you all before that happens :wink:


Gonna quote you here on this one

In my standards if you say GG upon winning but never losing you aren’t being sportsmanlike. As Pickles stated that he usually doesn’t respond with GG upon losing but he does more when he wins. Again it’s unsportsmanlike

It’s just nice to receive true respect on either end

We always need a little reminder right? Don’t wanna go to SSR 5.5, we’ve been doing so well!


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How is it unsportmanlike? They’re saying good game yeah some people get salty and don’t wanna bother with it when they lose but that doesn’t mean they’re being unsportsmanlike when they say it when they win.

It’s a platitude not anything deep


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GG can be seen assholish when the match is clearly onesided and it’s a stomp. I refrain from saying it in those cases because the other side most likely knows it wasn’t an actual good game and saying GG might actually worsen the way they feel about their performance, even if I genuinely don’t mean it in a douchy way. In those instances, I find it more polite and appropriate to just not say anything.



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