Say Something Random 5.4


This always makes me laugh


Two questions: what drugs is he on and can I have some?





Oh, right… Scottish… yeah, I’ve had plenty of that… it does some weird shit to your brain…


Having scottish unprepared really messes with your head.


There are quite a few sex jokes to make from that conversation, and nobody made them. I am strongly disappointed Cpt.


Not my general cup of tea, but I appreciate it :smiley:


I’m eating fruity pebbles.


I too hate people who say GG, all the time.


I’m fine with it. Unless I lose lol.


Is “GG” ok when used in a PvE game? Like with a group of friends against a raid boss.


Meh it’s just a polite saying. I say it win or lose unless I’m super salty at my team then I say nothing.


I don’t think it that way.


Sounds like a you problem tbh? It’s just what a lot of people say after a match is over you’re adding some subtext to it in your head and getting irritated(?)


It’s also a dumb tradition. It sounds like "Git gud’ to me, which I hate.


Why? It’s just good sportsmanship it’s like lining up to shake hands after an organized sports match.

See you’re adding subtext.


It really depends on the context where it is used, there are a lot of scenario’s where it’s fine.

Like the one I posted just a bit earlier, where you say GG just to your friends after winning a match, not necessarily to your opponent. Or PvE scenario’s.

Plus, I prefer people saying GG and not pay attention to it, than another trash talking on the way I play.


It’s just that it’s getting old. Old enough for me to stop baring it.
It’s like a Garratose who spam his memes without giving an accurate view on his state of mind, and that, since he’s here, two years. That for example is getting old. The first times, it’s ok, but after a while it gets annoying.


I see people say a lot “well played” as well.

LOL, @Garratose is a special creature. It would be wise not to learn from it, but simply observe it in its natural habitat.


Don’t speak too much about him, he’ll feel flatered, which is false in reality.
“Well played” is much more acceptable than gg. It’s understandable for everyone and it’s used by KIND players instead of those who can be toxic, trollish, etc…