Say Something Random 5.4


So I see your having issues recognizing politeness.


Nice try, though.


If hash browns didn’t take so much longer to make than other breakfasts I’d have it every day


I was just making speculations. I don’t know what’s the REAL aquirement and utility of their gears except for the hunt. The devs knows it better than us all, and me.


Most of these are answered on the wiki I think. There are canon explanations for almost all of them.


But where on the wiki? The gears have very little lore, even none sometimes.


Probably the individual character pages?


I already checked for the characters’ individual pages.


Well bucket’s individual page explains the deal with the sentry guns so maybe read it more carefully next time?


You must have only skimmed, cause all the information you inquired about was there last time I checked. Most of the information was from character dialogue as well.


My son somehow has taken a liking to tarantulas and wants to own one…I say, dude why!?


Sure, it wasn’t a very good movie but goddamn is this opening majestic. The only thing that could have probably made it better is if it was part of the MCU and Logan and Creed bumped into Captain America at some point, LOL.




Just got a new laptop! I don’t have to use my school chromebook for typing stories anymore.


How much RAM does it have? If you have 16 RAM, you’d be able to run most games with ease. Also, for faster loadings, I suggest that your hardware is an SSD.


It’s mainly meant for writing since I use it to de-stress. However I’ll probably play some low-end games on it, nothing that will need a powerful computer tho.


I suggest you go with Brawlhalla or LIMBO as those were the first two games to treat me well on the Dell I had


Definitely won’t run those.


Hey @MaddCow

I wonder if you like chill vibes sometimes. If so, I found the perfect channel (Chillcow)


Man . . . I completely forgot the opening to this, it was so good. Explains almost everything you need to know about him and why he was chosen for the program.

Makes me hopeful for the future of the X dudes if they end up back at Marvel.