Say Something Random 5.4


That’s what made them so cool though. :confused:


The reason… shadowMillenials…

also… THE WORMS ARE USING BAIT (let that sink in for a bit)



I have yet to see Tremors…aghhh!


One of the benefits of doing the free work I do for spaced out radio is that I get to make friends with people like Ron. This is an insane good photo and I thought I’d share.


Only see part 1. ^.^


Try to play on Wraith Trap with a comp of Caira, Parnell and Cabot, they have an unique conversation on this map.



I remember this movie :open_mouth:


You need to fix that. Watch the first two, skip the rest.


There was also another Tremors movie in 2018. It’s on Netflix, and I am scared to watch it.


Did a quick search and it’s called Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell


Oh that looks amazing. Thank you.



Now that I’m thinking about the job of the hunters in the game, there are some tools I wonder in which their former use have never been explained.

Hank is supposed to be an astro miner/demolitionist, his orbital strike is a satellite orbiting Shear who drops bombs onto the planet’s surface and I have no idea how it could be rationnal. Same thing for the shield projector, I have no idea what was the former use of this tool, was it to protect other miners from gases or earthquakes?

Markov have an assault rifle taken from the soldiers who took over Mars before getting shot in the eye (I’m not sure if I’m right on the lore, but I must have heard it somewhere) but I have no idea how he aquired his mines.

Cabot’s entire kit…no comment.

Bucket’s sentries are not supposed to be from a repairing drone chassis, and even less if they have guns.

Abe’s stasis grenades and dart gun are a mystery as well, maybe they were used to track and capture researched people, since he was a bounty hunter.

Crow’s Stasis rifle…no comment.

I do not mention their main weapons because the hunters need at least some kind of firepower to kill the monsters, and so they must have got them from improvisation, or from their job, or from a lucky find, etc…

Caira’s grenade launcher for example is rationnal because she is a scientist and is most probably able to craft stuff by herself in her lab.

Or, Abe’s shotgun is a weapon he tweaked himself, because he’s a weapon specialist (without forgetting that he’s the one who made Parnell’s suit less deadly).


Mighty fine questions you got there. I could only say that Crow’s stadis gun is also from Survey


Guess What this Is!

Hidden Answer : A tarantulas foot under an electron microscope.


Explains why it looked so creepy O_O


A woman asked if should could sit beside me on the train. I am confuse. I mean, I get that some people might be saving a seat for a friend, or something, but it’s not even lunch time and I’m on a train in school uniform. People sit beside me literally every single day when I get the train and the only other time I’ve been asked was when my bag was on the seat, so I had to move it for them, but that’s not the case this time.

No, there is no moral or purpose to this post. It was just unusual.


I don’t get how all that is a mystery. You pretty much figured it all out.

Hank was a miner and specialist in demolition so he has a shield to protect his coworkers, a laser cutter to dig and an orbital to make holes into the ground.

Markov acquired his rifle from the soldiers, what makes it impossible for him to have gotten the mines that way as well?

Abe was a bounty hunter and he’s the one you figured out the best, makes perfect sense for him to have stasis nades and tracking darts to slow down and chase bounties.

You did a good job, what mystery is even there? :rofl: