Say Something Random 5.4


Apparently Rage 2 being a thing was leaked by Wal-mart posting the pre-order availability on their website already.


Ah didn’t know that hopefully it’ll be better than rage 1


The is the Fallout thingy I believe.


Did they announce another fallout project? I thought they were done for a while after 4’s DLCs finished up.


Didn’t they announce a new IP before another fallout/ES game comes out?


I dunno. Probably. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to release another one when so many people are still playing the most recent one.

Though it’s not far from when I would expect another Elder Scrolls. Maybe 2 more years or so would be good.


It’s meant for Rage it has some of the enemies in shots if I believe, funny thing was I was just watching a video on this and the official RAGE twitter account made fun of the Walmart leak and then these started coming out.


It is kinda scary when you growl like that!


Well there is something called Starfield but I’m not sure what it is exactly or when it’s releasing.


So Rage 2 was teased for next week. Just PSA.

Only stuff I could find on that is that it might be teased in the Rage 2 teaser, and lots of speculation that it’s a space game, which honestly makes sense.


Naw man it’s some kinda american idol type game

I’m finally gonna live out my dream of being a japanese pop sensation

But yeah probably space related but the only information is possibly fake leaks and the trademarked title.

Morning Kai


Wingdings!! @w@


Ya know what, I like that better. We can be anime as fuck pop stars together, tiger.


We’ll use the power of music to bring NK and SK together and then take down Putin with a dance number.


I like the way you think soldier. Some body get this man to the Pentagon!


I remember reading somewhere that Fallout might get a zombie expansion… But I haven’t played fallout since it was isometric so I didn’t say anything.



I love Tremors! What’s with the new face on them though? The old ones looked great.


Probably easier to do with special effects. Don’t need to make all the small moving snakes when they can just make them xenomorph-like.


That’s what made them so cool though. :confused: