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TRS ‘The Well’ I was just doing some research and I decided to read reviews of their game. Check out this review I found, many other people give ‘The Well’ similar reviews.

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Glynner_Me 18 days ago

“As an RPG it is comparatively simple. At times it feels like you’re playing a beefed up version of an 8-bit classic throwback. The design is incredible, though, with a menagerie of woodland beasties stepping into the fold as fantasy tropes such as rogues and mages. The actual in-game character design is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I reckon it could definitely have benefitted from some more voice acting and a variation in player character avatars - also a bit of Baldur’s gate style banter between party members could have polished this even more. That said, there’s no doubting the quality here, I enjoyed it mightily and it comes recommended.”


And it’s still delicious.


And yet, the food they use in advertisements normally aren’t actually food.

Those damn food artists! *shakes fist*


its the dye colored overcook grey meat… mmm yummy.

jk jk I’ve had my fun.


Now I feel like watching the Nolan Batman trilogy again. Thanks Rodney.


Actually really cool to watch. I wonder if I’d actually work on an Atari… I mean, most buttons wouldn’t work of course but even if it was unplayable would it still run correctly?


“yo watch this”



He’s like… Oh yeah, this guy has nothing on me. Were you the videographer? video clip? either way… haha


Naw he’s some MMA fighter named Charles “Felony” Bennett someone shared the video on reddit but it was a v.reddit video so I couldn’t get it to play on the forum without converting it to a gif


Landscaping would be the bees knees to do. That is taking the vision and making it so pleasing to the eye it’s magical.


Ash vs The Evil Dead is over, and that makes me very sad. But at least they gave it a very Evil Dead ending.

As a whole, the show was goofy and weird, but it was always fun. I definitely recommend if youre into odd dark comedy shows, and definitely recommend if you were a fan of the original Evil Dead (ED2 was better than the first) or Army of Darkness movies.


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Tombstone’s owner is just so full of smug…I can’t stand it! Somebody needs to take Tombstone down!


But what can I do except lose hope in humanity?


This is me when I die, I keep laughing when I hear myself growling in this video.

This should have been a voiceline when a hunter gets hit.

PS: I hate my voice, makes me look like someone who’s sleepy.


Seems like Bethesda will be announcing something in a couple days


That’s fuckin weird.

Maybe it’s a DLC for Skyrim that has zombies.


People on reddit are saying it’s rage 2


I honestly didn’t like Rage that much. It felt like they tried to jam Mad Max and Borderlands together.

(And if you couldn’t tell, the Skyrim DLC thing was a joke)


Yeah I got the joke was just providing info

Also never played rage