Say Something Random 5.4


That’s terrifying.


Good! That’s what I was after.


That’s adorable he’s making a brother(?)


He took the head of his latest victim to replace his own with.



Get a load of this!


@discobot fortune
Do you feel used and abused?


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


You heard the man, pack it up.


@discobot fortune

is discobot here to rule humanity?


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Nani the fuck is this


well it happened, Discobot was correct… I increased in rank in overwatch… all witness our new overlord Discobot


That’s way less sexual than I thought of…


… wtf boomy


I cant control it.


I am really looking forward to this new bilgewater champ!! I love bilgewater! OwO

… Just… Might not play him cus support :’>
Sorta dont want to go into support anymore >.<"


Fuckin northerners have no idea how to make tea. :anger:

So I’m at Arby’s. I go to get my drink. Its the north and they don’t have sweet tea. That’s fine, I assumed as much. I take the unsweet as I brought my own sweetener. I take a preemptive sip.

Its soured… like straight up fermented. I tell the manager as he is readily available. He looks me dead in the eyes and I can see the lights go out.

He stares like this, mouth agape for 5 seconds and then asks “what do you mean, soured?” As if the concept of tea going bad is an alien concept.

After many mental gymnastics were used to explain the concept to him he finally and confusingly asks if I would like fresh tea, as if he is still unsure of how that will help.

So he brews more tea and gets me a fresh cup. No ice, just hot tea. WTF. I wait a bit and pour some ice in myself, trying to limit the splash unsuccessfully and give it a sip. Its god damn over brewed!!!



Dis is my new controller bois.

Such a relief that this controller actually functions properly, unlike my old one.


This amuses me so much lmao