Say Something Random 5.4


And here I am, almost ready to bust out the t-shirts.

Spring in Greece is weeeeeeeeeird.

Also, sorry to be busting everyone’s balls with this but over at kickstarter, the Street Fighter miniatures board game broke 950k this morning and the next character to be unlocked is Cammy.

We have 18 more days to go and so far, the stretch goals unlocked make the deal even better. Consider hopping by, the community in the comments is super friendly, exactly like this one. The total number of characters to be unlocked via stretch goals are 12 and so far, we have unlocked 5 of them. The rest of the goals are game upgrades, card upgrades (each miniature comes with a 40-card deck) and other stuff.

I am a backer, just in case, you are wondering. And I will stop doing this in 19 days, I promise :smiley:


For some reason I haven’t backed yet…I think it’s the price tag, although I totally understand why it is as high as it is. This actually is a considerable investment and I wuldn’t be shocked to see it resell for double or triple in later years since it’s limited edition to KS only. Even so…just not sold on this quite yet. I do need to check it out tho since I don’t know everything that got unlocked and which characters are now available with the box. Haven’t been able to check. Is Blanka available?

What I really need to see are the play-throughs to sell me on it that Angry Joe posted…just haven’t had the dang time!


So one of my favorite characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ has a feeeewwwww little tricks to her and people are starting to call her broken. But, the thing is, it’s not really that she’s broken more that one of her attacks has a bugged property that also appears elsewhere that allows her to combo you literally forever.

She also has these “Touch of Death” combos that kill a person in one single combo, but she (and anyone else who has a Touch of Death combo for that matter) can’t do it without a particular assist, so again it’s not really that she’s broken, more that that particular assist needs to be toned down.

But people keep saying she needs a nerf when there’s nothing unique to her that makes her as busted as people claim. Which concerns me. I hope the developers won’t take this the wrong way and see the consistent reasons behind her more ludicrous combos and not touch her otherwise.

Idk. I needed to vent. :frowning:


Man, school is such a drain. Really sucks all the motivation out of you and makes it almost impossible to look forward to anything except yesterday.


Mafia 3 is still very buggy


Year 3 already?


Funny that you say this, I actually read an interesting article about the dev team not too long ago:


Hey @DarKastlez, remember that french gif?


Whatever it was, it was weird and I liked it ^.^


I reworked it, better FPS and cleaner.

Edit: It’s Denis Brogniart from “Koh-Lanta”, he’s known as a meme in France for his “Ah!”.


Never knew.

Speaking of meme origins, this fella down below is actually a Belgian Flemish singer who likes to say “wauw”

He was a … Schlager singer we called it. Here’s one of his songs


The song’s not so bad, it’s just that it’s hard to understand him (altrough I understood a few words) because he speak bluntly.


Because it’s Flemish :stuck_out_tongue: We usually have some French words in our dialect like forchette, cherie, etc


Oh I get what you mean now.


Blanka was one of the stretch goals and he has been unlocked for a good long while :slight_smile: Come by and see what you will be getting for 140 !

As for gameplay, check out joe’s youtube and twitter or vids in the ks page. There are enough of em to understand the rules and appreciate the minis which look awesome.


It’s not really necessary to understand the french, just watch.


Fuck yeah, caught Volcarona. The first fire type in my Nuzlocke. And it’s not a mythical or legendary, so I can actually use it!

It’s called the sun Pokemon, so I named it Solaire. It just seemed to fit.




Just a disclaimer, I didn’t take the screenshots nor take part in the discussion, I merely found the aftermath.


Oh. My. Dear. Fucking. Lord.

Fillip, you dumb shit… or a Facebook troll, but I’m going to go with you dumb shit…