Say Something Random 5.4


I know, but I don’t want to bank on him being faster tbh. In regular play, I would absolutely do that. But it’s not a good mon for that fight anyways. Steel and electric are simply not that good against ground. Not enough to worry about me ground-proofing it, for sure.

I am much more confident in training the water type, since it has rather good special, and ground Pokemon usually have pitiful special defense. It’s a better pick, not only for resistances, but also type coverage and move effectiveness.

Also, I reeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyy don’t wanna lose the magnezone. If it dies, Nuzlocke rules say I can’t get another one, and it is going to be an unbelievably useful Pokemon in the future.


I understand, it’s just never good to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak.


Yeah. I’m also leveling almost everything I have to about level 45. And I will have at least 2 mons to back up the ducklett (Vibrava and Cofagrigus). It’s just that they don’t have super effective moves, so I’m leading with ducklett.

I’m not relying on it entirely. Just making sure I have a good tool for the job before dropping valuable members into a fight where they have a fairly deadly handicap.


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Great game.

Played EA on and off.
It is very fun in single player to and with it´s release the purge is coming together with the new combat system…
Can´t wait.



Haven’t played a game that wasn’t a pokemon nuzlocke in a few days, and it’s stressful. Might have to relax with some dark souls.


I love spring…


I’m convinced there is no longer Summer…just Winter, fall, and a meager dose of Spring where the rain is replaced with snow. Maybe it’s a grand solar minimum who knows.


Naw just gotta wait a few more months and it’ll be 40 degrees C in the shade and I’ll want to strip out of my skin to escape the heat


That sounds metal as hell, and I request this be recorded.


K I’ll upload it in July probably.


I cant help it…this sounds totally like this:

I love this song but it’s not totally appropriate, heh.


Ugh no idea why but it seems like 90% of my deaths in R6S come from watching an angle for like a full minute and as soon as I go to move they pick that exact moment to peek.


Totally hax.


Naw just shitty luck and selective memory


Ground gym dead-o. With no deaths! I may have overlevelled a bit, but I don’t care one bit. My pokemanz are alive.

So that makes 5 gyms down, with 3 to go. Along with Team Plazma, Elite 4 + champ, and the legendary mon hunt before I’m done. Such a long way away…


Gas, gas gas, I’m gonna step on the gas


Rammstein is the shit.