Say Something Random 5.4


I’m legit terrified now. Russia is going to hit us for this. I advise everyone to be on high alert. I think we are at Defcon 4 if not 5 now. (We were at 4 3 days ago).

And of course the official TV news is reporting next to nothing…keeping Americans in the dark as always.


And my starter died. Fucking glorious. Arguably one of the best pokemon I can get for the nuzlocke is now lost.

lemme just light myself on fire now.

(that said, it opens my party up for another water type, so I have to just roll with it)

I don’t like Samurott, but you might be a little missed, Ozzy.


Is this something in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon?


No. I’m playing Pokemon White 2.

If you’re referring to a “Nuzlocke”, it’s a challenge run of a Pokemon game with some specific rules, and several optional rules.

Can be done with any Pokemon game, though some are significantly harder than others. (Sun and moon being some of the hardest, alongside Platinum and B&W2)

Here’s a list of the rules. ^^^

I follow the basic rules, and my optional rules include: starter based on ID, Dupes clause, “Set” battle style, no catching/using legendaries, Banning day care and breeding unless I receive the egg from a scripted event, and no trading.

It’s uhhh. It’s tough going.


Seems a bit extreme…but at least they have a shiny mercy rule, heh.


One of the goals of the run is to make you use Pokemon you normally wouldn’t. And to make the game something you can’t just faceroll 75% of. Gotta be careful about how it’s played, and think about using moves and items.

It’s actually a lot more fun once you get out of the first 2-3 gyms, cause all the grind before then is just atrocious. Also helps the pokemon themselves mean more to you. If I lost my Trapinch or Lucario, I’d be legitimately mad about that. Much like I was about my Swadloon, but about 4x that because Lucario is one of my favorites, and Trapinch evolves into a real good one.


I enjoy using randomizers, personally. Which also allows you to prevent BS Sonicboom or Dragonrage, if you so choose.


Eh, I like having some level of control over my pokemon and their moves. Plus I don’t really want to download emulators.


The UK and France is dragging the US into war



I came across a leech perk user, he use them 100% of the time and he believe that they’re the most “fairplay”…


What a joke


So, Friday 13th yesterday. What occurred might just be the best and most beneficial bug in a game I have ever seen in my life.

So I am an avid Torchlight 2 fan, played almost 700 hours of the thing over what must be 8 years or so. I had to start over a good number of times, some of them because of my incompetence with mods, others simply because the game decided to erase some of my items.

Last night, I was setting myself up for some farming. Farming for some stuff in TL 2 works by way of finding a portal towards a challenge, which is opened via slaying a beast (there is a 25% you will get the right challenge), doing the challenge, not leaving via the exit portal and simply exiting the game. Rinse, repeat.

I moved some gear around and in the character selection screen, I noticed something odd. My main character, Bianca, the one with the most high-end gear, had apparently grown a twin sister out of nowhere. And just like that, ALL MY HIGH END GEAR DOUBLED.




Just finished doing a super important test. I don’t wanna do it again but I might have to next year… end me


I really don’t think Russia will. Russias economy has tanked since the fall of the USSR. They can’t keep up with your military might and they know it.


To add to this, if it were just the US making a strike, Putin might counter it somehow. But with Britain and France alongside it, it will slow things down.

The fact most of the world is condemning the unauthorised part, but doesn’t speak against the goal of the strike, is further proof for Russia they can’t really do anything, lest they get most (if not all) of the UN against them.


Wiped the electric gym off the map with muh Trapinch, and it is now evolved into a vibrava, which is one of the best Dragon types in the first 5 generations. Not the tankiest, but it’s fast and has a huge movepool for excellent type coverage. So excited to get a Flygon. I 100% plan on this being a Mon I take through the Elite 4 and champion.

Also now have a magnezone, which is glorious. I will always welcome a special sweeper, especially when they’re also a fantastic tank.

It’s going well, but the next gym is ground type, and that is gonna be a struggle. Because 2 of my 3 real good mons are real weak to ground type (magnezone having 4x weakness), and won’t see any use in that there gym.

Luckily I caught a sacrificial Ducklett, which is water/flying. Arguably the best possibly type for that gym since water is super effective against ground, and ground type moves can’t hit flying types. Only worries are the fact that half of the Pokemon there will know rock slide/throw, and Smackdown, which are very scary for little Bill the ducklett.

If only I had a quagsire. The fight would be a breeze, then.

(Yes, I know there was a dark tone in the thread. That’s precisely why I posted something so long. Don’t need so much doom and gloom here, IMO.)


Spoilers for Thor Ragnarok if you haven’t already seen it

I get that Thor losing an eye is to make him more like his father Odin and end up replacing him but I feel like the final battle would have looked a lot more badass if the lightning filled his empty socket instead of his remaining eye.


See if you can get Magnet Rise for Magnezone. Essentially gives him Levitate for 5 turns.