Say Something Random 5.4


Does this happen to anyone else? It happens when I play Wraith a lot that I get “stuck” for longer than usual within a warp blast, giving hunters crucial time to escape:

Happens at aprox. 5:05 and 5:45 for best examples of what I mean.



My left headphone ear just died listening to those


I’m gonna have to agree on the trailer for ODST. And I admit it has some of the best storytelling of the bunch, for sure. But I always have a lot more fun with 2.


Welp that sucks


Is . . . is this for real ?


No, it’s an useless meme.


Fuck me, I was scared shitless . . .


Actually it’s not… this is Raven and Beast Boy from the same show…

They were leaked photos and not very good quality and they still haven’t even said where the show will be released or when, so I’m still holding on hope that this isn’t their final looks and this is just for the original pilot episode that will be reshot after they get the thumbs up to continue…


Nah, nope, no. I am not buying it. They look NOTHING like their comic counterparts.


I would be much more inclined to believe it if someone said it was gonna be a spoof.


this is hilarious


Just chopped down four trees with an axe and a hand saw. Took about 2 1/2 hours. Fear me forest for I am man.


Can someone tell me what is this? Is it a crashed ship? Or a destroyed building?

Edit: I searched a bit, and apparently it’s a crashed ship, but I have no idea which ship is it…the ship seems old and rusty, there’s also this “MG53” written on it.




I’ve had 3 deaths in my nuzlocke :cry:

And I’m only at Nimbasa city, the 4th gym. Whyyyyyyyy. I knew it was gonna be a lot tougher than a normal run, but god damn. Did not expect it to be this annoying.


4 deaths.






It was a crit, wasn’t it.


Yyyyyup. It was my Swadloon. Which is a shame, because Leavanny is a really good bug type, and I was kind of really hoping it would help with the electric gym and now that’s no longer an option.