Say Something Random 5.4


Well, Ralts evolves into one of two crazy damn sweeper Pokemon. Arguably the best psychic type in the game.

But just because it’s not alolan form, doesn’t mean it’s good to receive. Slugma Is a cool one to send. Could also catch a bunch of Machokes, Boldores, Phantumps, etc. Things that evolve on trades are really neat to send. Those are harder to get, and significantly more helpful than a normal type rat.

I mean, you do you, but sending a ratticate doesn’t feel much different than sending a magikarp. Except magikarp evolves into gyarados, so I dunno how to equate those.

Could also recommend breeding the Pokemon you can get from the Island Scan feature. A lot of the original starters come from that, some cool stuff like Axew, Gothita, Togekiss, etc.


Legends of Tomorrow season finally screen shot.


“Worst orgy ever”


People are all like, uninstall facebook… Well don’t forget they also are with google, youtube, Instagram, Oculus Rift ect…


Facebook isn’t really relevant anymore, I mean sure they are partnered with others but people use YT, Insta, Google a lot more than FB

I mean if you use FB, then that’s fine. But with others they will think other things


facebook OWNS Instagram ect…


Why don’t you just hatch one pokemon and just keep wonder trading whatever you get until you get a pokemon you want to keep? :stuck_out_tongue: At least that’s how I used to do it.


I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate pokemon like Misdreavus as well, or any rare like Kangaskhan.


Oof, you made it sound like they were partnered haha. My statement still applies

just change the “partnered” to “owns” :stuck_out_tongue:


For whoever wants to buy Trailmakers, there’s a link in the game’s menu that I can share. The first person to buy the game from this link ( gets a VIP seat (and me as well)!

I know…I’m desperate.


I have sent slugmas before, they are pretty neat. I woud like to get a Togekiss but haven’t done island scans yet. I got most generational starters through wonder trading heh…except for that flaming monkey one…chimchar was it?


Working at Panera and there’s a mom and her kid who are getting drinks

Mom: What do you want to drink?

Little girl: um… lemonay-nay!

Mom: Some lemonay-nay?

LG with the most excitement and a slightly demonic tone: LEMONAY-NAY!


@Dovahkick and @Foxtrot94 :slight_smile:


@SledgePainter and @Foxtrot94 Hyde


Hey what up everyone. Still lurking here.



That “Ready or not” trailer is my favorite of all time of any trailer in the entire gaming industry


My favourite is We Are ODST

Also the Michael ps3 ad

also honourable mention Mad World Gears of War trailer


ODST trailer is amazing. In my opinion the best Halo game to play as well.