Say Something Random 5.4


What if I also have my face in it… =.= and don’t try and tell me I’ve photoshopped it because I don’t even have a photoshopping app on my pc so there ==.==





Def don’t have that either.


It’s free though.


Don’t need it, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


you should though


But why? It’ll just take up space on my pc and I’ll never use it.


sshhhh…don’t think, just



Nuzlocke attempt #2 commencing.

I hope I don’t suck this time.


Ugh, I was right. My trainer ID says I have to use a water type starter. Can’t use Snivy like I wanted to.

Damn it.

Welp, Oshawott’s name is Ozzy.


My wife made banana bread today but she used Splenda so it tastes weird.


And here I am. Downloading this game after deleting for the 5th time since I bought it.

Goddamn this game !

Also, God Of War reviews are in. Holy hot damn.

The lowest score so far is a 9 from Gamespot. Even Destructoid and Polygon, fairly critical sites, gave this thing a 10. Feels good to have been with it from the very beginning.


There are a LOT of shinies and very rare pokes coming through wonder trades. I’ve gotten 2 more shiny mews, for example. I know they are most likely hacked but still…and the shinies I don’t want I can trade for stuff I do like Groudon and Rayqueza. The other night I even got a shiny Ho-oh! There are streamers and youtubers that specialize in trading 24/7 for shinies and pokemon you just can’t get. I am still hoping to get this thing:

What I do is hatch a bunch of eggs…enough to fill an entire pokemon box, then while watching tv or in-between rounds of Evolve, just wonder trade away. Right now I am sending out standard non-Alolan Ratticates and Vulpix (things I think people like), but I throw back anything lame I get like Wingulls. I trade away and I’m guaranteed to get at least 1 shiny in an hour.

I have still not have any luck hatching my own shiny…

I still haven’t beaten this game yet myself, lol, too busy trading.


All aboard


*maniacal laughter*


Never heard that rule before.


It’s an optional rule, but I’m choosing to follow it because the point of a Nuzlocke is to encourage people to use a wider array of pokemanz than they normally would.

The only gen 5 starter I used was Snivy, so I figured I would roll the dice and let those decide for me.


This is honestly just so cruel. Ratticate, regardless of type, is just bad.

You’d do better to hatch things like Ralts, since those are actually annoying to get, unlike a Pokemon people regularly slaughter in droves for exp.

That Pokemon is only good for Super Fang, and HM slaving, which isn’t even necessary in Alola.


I want to send out something somebody won’t immediately think is trash, heh…I hate getting Ralts. Not that Ralts is trash but I get so many of them! I have barely seen any non-alolan forms though so I figured people would like that.