Say Something Random 5.4


When you’re in Mystery Inc. and were trying to unveil a monster, but the monster was really a monster all along.

Btw, I’m really bored. My ma has me grading Spec’s homework, but not just any homework, his math homework

S A V E . M E .



You have a calculator on your phone, and you can literally use the entire internet for the math problems. Alternatively, you could stand to learn some math yourself and it would be a lot easier.

You should be having no problems whatsoever.


Oh, no… I have the answer book, so I don’t have to actually do any math, but it’s the mindlessness and dullness of it that’s killing me and because it’s math homework, all I see are numbers. Now nothing looks right and nothing makes sense. I am dying. Send help.

You see his eyes? You see how dead they are? That is me.


Oh, it’s not that bad. Just do it quickly and it’ll be over with for now.


*stares at you with the eyes of murder and drops pounds and pounds of papers and books on your lap* you do it then.


Gimmie some money and I would.


That’s what I wish I told my ma… ;-;


Does that shit not get graded for weeks at a time? Cause if it’s as much as you’re implying it is, then that’s just ridiculous and inefficient.


I offered to do some before I had a job that way she could focus on work, but I guess she hadn’t done anything since then and left months and months worth of it all for me thinking I’d have more time than her (I really don’t, though). He’s out of school now, so at least there won’t be more, but still :upside_down_face:


Wow. It should just get graded as it gets done from now on. Would be about 50x easier.


She could’ve done it on weekends when she had free time, but nooooooooo

Kinda pissed about it actually because I offered to do it out of kindness and then she took advantage of that… ya know, like every other person I know and have ever worked with…


Well tell her when you get a chance. Or dump some on her lap when she’s not busy otherwise.


I can’t because she’s already convinced dad I offered to do it and then he’ll yell at me and threaten to kick me out of the house per usual and I really don’t have the patience or sanity left to deal with that.


That’s supremely shitty. Jeez.


It’s exactly the same as losing a family member





My dad made banana walnut bread pudding with caramel sauce, so you can have your double choco chip muffins. I’m good.


Pfft your jealousy is showing. Here’s a hint next time don’t string random words together mocking laughter


Nah, but he did and when I get some tonight, I’ll send a pic of it :3


Pfft we all know you’re just gonna steal a picture off of the google.