Say Something Random 5.4


Can I ask what you smoke?


I wish I got a photo of it but on The Dam map I was a little ways from my team…and got stuck in a plant (Hey, don’t blame me, I am still not very used to that map and it’s tricksy hiding locations for plants!). However, Daisy was by my side and she instantly jumped atop the plant and smacked it with her paw…legit plant-smacked it! I love her to bits! I know Daisy will, if she is close enough when it happens, get a hunter out of a plant but never experienced it firsthand myself before…it’s rare to even see.

Wow, this is a week of firsts for me!


I time stamped it, the persons reaction is exactly why there would not be any thing like what people want called “disclosure” lol this is funny,


We’re gonna have to put my sisters cat, Sandy, down. After years of owning her it honestly really hurts to see her in this condition. She’s almost just skin and bones now. My sister is super distraught about this and it makes me upset too.


Our school has April vacation starting next week. Time for a week of Fortnite, d2, and overwatch lol. I really want to see if I can pull out with a win by the end of this vacation.

imaginary first game:
Gets second place to a bush camper.



I’m confused, my Radeon drivers just yelled at me for that I wasn’t using 4k abilities.


Decided to suck it up and buy the Pokemon Bank thing. But the bright side is that it was only $5 to take all my old favorites and keep them.

Like the Charizard I have had for like… 13 years (you may think I’m joking, but that’s the one I got from professor Oak a couple months after Fire Red released. It’s really damn old). I would probably cry a little if I lost him, but I didn’t! Thanks to me being a sentimental asshole about some pixels and data, I can keep him. #NotEvenALittleShame


I am so fucking excited ! I just backed The Street Fighter minis game on kickstarter. Never was a big fan of AJ but I have watched a lot of his vids, made me laugh quite often and he is quite down to earth on his reviews.

Anyone interested here should give it a shot cause this is a kickstarter exclusive as in, it will not reach retail. And if it will, far into the future, the minis will be smaller and they will not be pre-painted.

Those that back it will get a ton of stuff as the project was funded within 24 hours, has 24 more days to go and there are still 8 characters to unlock via stretch goals ! Spread the word if you are interested !


She an old cat?


Sorry to hear that, but it’s probably for the best…you know when you know. :frowning:


She’s not that old actually. I don’t remember what she has but it’s something like thyroid or something like that. She was getting better, like really better and gaining weight. Once we started giving her the medicine she slipped back down unfortunately.


What did the Vet say?


I wasn’t there, I was at school.


I feel you… I have Pokémon in the bank from the very beginning… Recently I had to have my son pay that because I didn’t want to lose them all. (you know how hard it was to get og Pokémon transferred over the years?)
(but I think he had access to download them without the five, you just cant store again without the new payment… not sure… I let him handle it)

He has them… safe and sound. I told my son (who is now 17) he better take care of them and never trade them… they are currently sitting on his latest game. (phew) Those are like my children before my children.


Is this backed by Capcom in any fashion?
they need a new pose for goolie (sorry, someone always called guile goolie and now I find it very funny)


It’s made by AngryJoe if I’m not mistaken, or at least he’s involved in it.

So I expect it should be “legal”.


Hmmmm… well time will tell. (love chun li though)


ΑJ did get the license from Capcom but due to restrictions he cannot ship the game to Asia and Japan. As for Goolie, he is a work in progress. Makes sense cause if you look in the delivery date, it is due this time next year so lots of stuff will look much better by the end.


I grew up on street fighter… it was the only source of entertainment for the longest time and the entire neighborhood would just hang out at the local circle k store and talk and play. it was a really fun community we had.

(why I want his game to be legit… I love board games and sf ^.^) its a win win.