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@SledgePainter is a vegan.

runs the fuck out of the room


I don’t mind if people are vegans. That’s totally fine. I wish them all the best. But some of these people are seriously weak minded and gross (as is some from any group)

r/vegan is a shit show of nasty and misinformation. Went there for the first time last night, hoping to find recipes or ideas. All I saw were grossly misinformed pictures of abused animals and vegans telling everyone else how terrible they were.


I have photos to the contrary but they would be too graphic for the forum.


That sounds terrifying… I like it!


Yeah. I didn’t think you were.


In France, having a gun in your house, your job or in any case possible is against the law. They’re only allowed in police centers and as a military.


I thank God that we have separate ways to say “I love you” in my language, one for the romantic and one for the friendly meaning. I feel awkward every time I say it in English, LOL.


TRS should just pull the plug on the forums


I can’t tell if this is a joke or not


Good thing she lives in the US.




It’s the only way


Do you really…know da wae, my brutha?


Don’t feed the troll.



The true reason Americans have guns is because we have it in our constitution, in order to better protect our nation against foreign invasion or to prevent the government from rising up against the citizens. That is the true reason…not self protection or hunting, although they don’t seem to want to teach that in the schools and everyone keeps wanting to pull our gun rights away due to all of the mass shootings. They don’t like to run the stories where citizens helped prevent mass shootings, lessened them, or defended themselves in their own homes because it doesn’t get the ratings. What they ought to focus on instead is mental health, which has been a key issue in all of the mass killings here. If people want to kill, even if our guns were banned, they would simply turn to knives, acid, vehicles, homemade bombs, you name it…like they do outside the US. Criminals that are not allowed to have guns always manage to get them, leaving the average joe defenseless.

Living on a farm with animals at stake, I don’t know how people in other countries deal with the wild animals that will attack and kill your livestock. Here in Illinois I have racoons, fox, coyote, and bobcat to name just a few…and lately there have been reports of distempered racoons…and rabies is still a thing. These animals need to be put down promptly on sight.


ask him to go deeper into the conversation… just how many layers are they? I have a few friends who are vegan and they have a lot of dishes that look tasty.

So Next time you see your vegan friend… ask him how he would solve the situation.




I discovered that my DeLorean that I built is able to do drifts with the “nitro” on! I AM A GENIUS!