Say Something Random 5.4


Reminds me of Evolve. I can definitely see it as a badge.



YES! @SledgePainter finally lost her Crow virginity! She finally crowed someone after over 1k hours of playing the game, and I recorded it all! I’m gonna post the video on the forum when it’s up.

As you Crow mentor, I’m proud of you Sledge. :grin:



As promised.

@SledgePainter good job, my soul is finally at peace.




Honestly was one of the best moments for me as a trapper. I can’t believe it took 1,300 hours to finally get to “take the shot.” :rofl: LOL when Torvald’s body went flipping around in death! Your level of excitement was real! HAHAHA.


I’d been waiting for that moment for years! It was like my child was just born!


The last time I felt that was with Maggie back in Legacy when all 5 of my harpoons snagged a fleeing Goliath at once! Still feels good when I get all 3 snagging in Stage 2…that will be YOUR new goal as trapper I give to you.


Deal between Trapper mains, I like it. I’ll take the challenge. XD


Why don’t you guys play UNO? :stuck_out_tongue:




I woke up this morning to this:

Somehow the old addage: “April showers bring May flowers” doesn’t apply to Illinois when it’s so cold the rain turns to snow.


It’s snowing where I live too. I haven’t seen any bees wasps in awhile. I don’t think I’ve even seen any squirrels or birds either which is super weird as even when it was still cold last year they were back by now. Only bug I’ve really seen are spiders. I’m starting to miss the constant fear of being stung…


Today is opening day for baseball in Chicago…I don’t know how those people can tolerate sitting in bleachers in this weather. Chicago is known as the Windy City for a reason…and it is FRIGID there.


My mom said baseball fans weren’t true fans because they don’t go out in the cold whereas for football people do. I just called her insane.


They are lined up to get into the stadium so, I beg to differ…at least with Cubs fans (Cub fans are special-I know because I am one). But personally I find it miserable to wear a big poofy winter coat trying to eat popcorn or hotdogs with gloves. Just not something I enjoy.

Last week in Wisconsin I went out shooting with my husband. After a few rounds I quit because my fingers were so cold I couldn’t load the bullets in the clips anymore.

You can count me out.

I want to nope myself out of this state with the utmost vengeance.


so a comedy show was flagged by the community… why?



Tried arguing with a vegan. His record broke and he just keeps saying that exploitation of animals is wrong.

Is there like some scratch fixer or something I can apply to continue the conversation? I really don’t want to buy a new one.