Say Something Random 5.4


It’s been 70-80s here, but it’s rainy today, so it’s super humid rn… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


31 is a bit too cold for me. If I could live somewhere it was in the 60s or low 70s all year round, I would be fine.

Same here. It’s awful.


Sounds like you have a shitty AC to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:


Hot rain is THE WORST!

20 to 40f is my perfect temp


I’m a big fan of below freezing.


I can’t say I’ve ever been in below freezing, so I can’t comment, but I’m still pretty sure I’d take it over the heat. I fell asleep at an outdoor concert in 20, so I don’t mind the cold.


I’ve been in below 0 and it sucks. I’ve also been in above 100, it also sucks, but it sucks a bit less.


Celsius people are probably very confused by that statement.


Half right. I have an OK A.C., but kinda shitty insulation.

Yuuuuup. That’s basically 75% of the weather I’m gonna be having for the next 2 months. I hate it.

I would rather be freezing. When it’s cold, you can wear as many clothes as you want. But when it’s 100 you can’t do anything and you’re always too hot.

But my parents conveniently decide to do everything they want done in terms of yard work during the hottest possible part of the year. During high summer, it’s unsafe to stay outside for more than an hour.


Yeah just put on more/warmer clothes if it’s cold but if it’s hot I strip down to my underwear AND I’M STILL FUCKING SWEATY AAAAAAAAAAH


80 Degrees is the perfect temp for Humans to be naked… its the perf evap point


TESR - Skyblivion


The townsfolk that I’m “harassing” with my “scientifically bullshit” body, would disagree. Just wait until my whole illegal ass is modified to look like a human’s ass. When it’s hot, the streets I walk will suffer me, “medically disgusting” figure and all.


20F or C? Freezing is 32F.

Coldest I experienced is -20 with wind chill too boot.


I am indeed, LOL.

I will always, ALWAYS, take heat over cold any time. There’s nothing heat can do to me that I hate more than the feeling of stiff muscles, puncturing freeze on my hands, feet, nose and ears (even putting earbuds on is painful, ffs), the necessity to put on layers over layers over layers of clothes which makes me feel constricted and not comfortable at all, and when it’s windy too, might as well throw myself into the fridge, LOL.

Yeah I hate cold’s guts, a lot. When it’s hot I still suffer, but I can put up with sweat far more easily.


F, not fancy enough to use C

Yet I was thinking 0 was freezing. wtf


Yeah, You had me really confused. Lol


the sweat cheese … eewwww


Got another hunter skin yesterday!

Looks really badass on B.Cabot.


One of the pieces I worked on last year… I just like it… So I thought I would share it with all of you.