Say Something Random 5.4


It’s a trap?


Even though you cleared your throat, it still sounds like a dying pterodactyl


Aw how sweet


I played the Oregon Trail handheld…did not make it to Oregon.

2 people died of measles
1 died of dysentery
Fording a 3 foot river lost me half of everything
The other half of everything got broken or stolen
Fording a 2 foot river lost me time but no lives
1 oxen died from injuries
Had to trade all but 2 oxen for food
1 other member of the party just suddenly died
Everyone lost their clothing or had it stolen - half the trip we were all naked
Found 2 abandoned wagons and the game decided "Nah, they don’t have anything to scavenge"
Had to trade bullets for wagon wheels and axles to keep going
Ran out of bullets
The last person died of starvation
presumably the last 2 oxen remaining survived and lived a wonderful life out on the prairie.


Sounds about right.


No option to eat one of the two oxen? Pre-order cancelled :stuck_out_tongue:



Immortal Putin:





It’s fine! I got double kill straight after but then they killed me so he came to gank and then he got his red back >.<

It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife \o/


BRB off to the gas station

Also incorrect units apparently but idgaf

1000 calories = 1 Calorie aka a kcal which is what’s on the nutritional labels




Oh come now @Galactoid…you know Obama has been around even longer…


Might have to do this…but price so…high…I miss my doggo. :sob:


Do you guys think 125 dollars is a fair price for 23 lbs of oreo wafers?


I have questions.


Depends on the expiration date.


Ooh. Someone finally got the vermintide 2 OST up on youtube.


What kind of questions?

I dunno they’re on amazon.