Say Something Random 5.4


It’s basically just pissing rain here rn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The hype for Kai’Sa is over :>
They don’t ban her as frequent anymore, and nobody picks her as often

~It didn’t matter to me anyways since I’ve been back at it with Kayn >w<


Yeah, I was surprised when I tried to play her on normal. I actually got her @w@
Accidentally took jungle’s red in that game at the start >.<


That’s cuz she still is an ADC. Gets one shot by assassins, especially the new buffed Rengar, which is pretty popular at high elo. People eventually get bored of one-shotting and getting one-shot


As a jungle main, I am annoyed >~>
Stealing the first red completely ruins early jungle clear and ganks, making the jungler fall behind




She’s so cute. ^^;;


He* =p 


Oh, it’s a boy? Gross Dx



So rude smh


I don’t like being tricked!


I was walking towards my bedroom and I hear someone scratching around on the carpet, so I go in and find Iris underneath my bed pulling around the blanket that I dropped in between the bed and the wall trying to make a little cocoon she can nap in. She’s such a dork lmao


It’s not a trick if you read the text >.>



What’s this?


I forgot to mention that Iris is one of two family dogs (the other being Morpheus)… woops


He’s a very pretty lady.




I understand there’s a bunch of younglings in here, so to give you a frame of reference for the aforementioned songs (and thus the joke)…here you go:


Apparently his GF is a cosplayer so that probably helped


I wanna go do this now… OuO