Say Something Random 5.4


Been storming at my house for 2 days straight. Awful.


Stay safe Trix D:
I’m sure it’ll pass soon anyways >_<


It’s coming in bursts at this point. Not constant, but heavy wind brings waves of rain and then clears up, then rains more, and just repeats.


It’s basically just pissing rain here rn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The hype for Kai’Sa is over :>
They don’t ban her as frequent anymore, and nobody picks her as often

~It didn’t matter to me anyways since I’ve been back at it with Kayn >w<


Yeah, I was surprised when I tried to play her on normal. I actually got her @w@
Accidentally took jungle’s red in that game at the start >.<


That’s cuz she still is an ADC. Gets one shot by assassins, especially the new buffed Rengar, which is pretty popular at high elo. People eventually get bored of one-shotting and getting one-shot


As a jungle main, I am annoyed >~>
Stealing the first red completely ruins early jungle clear and ganks, making the jungler fall behind




She’s so cute. ^^;;


He* =p 


Oh, it’s a boy? Gross Dx



So rude smh


I don’t like being tricked!


I was walking towards my bedroom and I hear someone scratching around on the carpet, so I go in and find Iris underneath my bed pulling around the blanket that I dropped in between the bed and the wall trying to make a little cocoon she can nap in. She’s such a dork lmao


It’s not a trick if you read the text >.>



What’s this?


I forgot to mention that Iris is one of two family dogs (the other being Morpheus)… woops


He’s a very pretty lady.