Say Something Random 5.4


When something you love is combined with something you hate and you get really confused.


What if they publish another TRS game? :wink:


Yeah, I hate bunny’s and love sharks so it’s super confusing to me…


Why ever would you bring up such a conundrum to me?

Somehow I highly doubt this would happen. I know TRS would never burn any bridges (they are a business too after all) but…I am sure there aren’t happy kitty rainbows galore feelings there.


I’m in so much physical pain right now I care barely walk. We had to do the pig hoof trimming and, well, it was extremely difficult. We decided it would be best to flip them onto their backs. The past few years we tried having my husband hold a pig under its arms and lean it back against his chest for trimming but that’s really dangerous, and almost everyone else that does trimming flips them. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t really know any other males willing to get in the mud or so much as get their fingers dirty, and it’s really a job for 2 men, but him and I somehow managed it. But it literally was a full body workout.

Dozer was first because his hooves were in worse condition. I kinda only snipped them a bit last year and they and his tusks have grown a lot. It was all of my physical strength along with my husband’s to flip them… Once Dozer was on his back he kinda gave up and just screamed while I trimmed. I accidentally cut the quick on two hooves but I put some Peroxide on them and patted down with flour to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately the veins grew longer than they should have into the hoof and the hooves being so dirty it’s hard to see how far to cut. He was ok though.

Big Juicy, on the other hand, was flipped easily enough but then she raged and bucked like a wild boar, lashing out with her rear feet to beat us and even bit my arm while I was trimming. She screamed even more than Dozer even though her hooves didn’t need too much work. But when we let her go she staggered around as if in a daze, and threw up blood which had me panicked. They both eat black walnuts…one of the hardest shells ever, and they litter our land since we are full of black walnut trees…so I think with all of her wild thrashing her stomach got cut up from the very abrasive shells. I don’t know, but I monitored her and she is eating and drinking ok now, and fighting off Dozer for his food, so she seems ok. I’m still nervous.

Not sure what to do after this point. It’s clearly an extremely stressing event for everyone but it has to be done, but at the same time taking them into a special vet would be more taxing for them and with the risk of death (pigs are sensitive to euthanasia). I wish I could just communicate to them it’s just a hoof trim which takes a few short minutes and not murderous death or dismemberment. But they don’t know that.





Wait, so Vermintide is actually a first person ACTION game? Fuck me, talk about being swayed by the Warhammer title (which I always, unconditionally associate to strategy games).


To be fair, XCOM, Civilization, Borderlands and Bioshock are some pretty great games. You can hate the publisher, but don’t hate the developer :stuck_out_tongue:


Except for Randy Pitchfork


LOL, ‘pitchfork’, gets me every-time.


Would highly recommend vermintide 2. Has literally the best melee combat I’ve ever experienced in a video game.


I’ve heard they’re not exactly great as a single player experience though, and they only get good when played with people. So I dunno if I’ll buy them, I don’t know many people who have the game, if any.


I play almost exclusively with bots cause my internet is potato tier. It’s still pretty fun. The best experience is with other players(preferably friends) though.

A warning about the bots though, they’re not the most skilled in the world and they tend to get stuck on terrain. So you’ll have to get pretty good at the game before you can reliably carry them through higher difficulties. It’s sort of a unique challenge mode.

if you were gonna just use the quickplay function though, it shouldn’t take too long to get a game. There are like 70,000 active players right now. Not all of them are the most skilled of course, but it’s still fun.


I am starting to lose my shi^

I am sick of playing games, and a word processor from 1980’s comes in and feels the need to do this.


its the freaking internet, its overwatch and I couldn’t care less about proper grammar in things like games.

Besides, Your and You’re are both accepted. I usually am addressing someone… so I use Your.
/end rant.


Guess i can try the first one. It’s on sale right now.


The first one’s online community is gonna be split evenly between hardcore vets and complete noobs. Just a warning.


Been storming at my house for 2 days straight. Awful.


Stay safe Trix D:
I’m sure it’ll pass soon anyways >_<


It’s coming in bursts at this point. Not constant, but heavy wind brings waves of rain and then clears up, then rains more, and just repeats.