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I love this. I’m so fascinated by spiders. Many people see them as monsters and are scared of them, but I just love how complex they are. Especially when it comes to Web making.


Yes, me too!


2K has a publisher weekend on Steam…80% off their games…

My response:



Finished watching Coco. So good. Little sister cried so much at the end. v.v


BioShock: The Collection is tempting, also it’s the remaster


If it has a 2K stamp on it, I don’t want it. Not after what they did to Evolve.



I’m sorry, but I still love Borderlands, that’s a childhood game for me



If purchased pre-Evolve (or rather pre-their contract killing of TRS) then no harm done.


2k is a business. They made a financial decision they felt was best. Yeah, it sucks that the project got cut, but it didn’t meet their standards.

We can’t fault them for stopping something that wasn’t returning their investment. That’s just how business works.


This is actualy Briliant.


Nintendo Switch… Seriously, look at this sizzle real. I can honestly say MOST of these games seem interesting. Way to go Nintendo, it seems INDIEs have given you your yellow brick road. (thats a metaphor for gold) oh and on a side note… “Another World”!


For the amount of shit i give my brother, him gifting me Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition is, eh, very nice :ok_hand:


That thumbnail looks very clickbaity. ><


But they didn’t give TRS a sound fighting chance when they did monetize Stage 2. They only released Stage 2 to PC, their weakest market (with the broken promise to get it to XBox - their biggest market - soon), and even then only opened micro-transactions to US PC users, and nowhere else. They didn’t expand on that before cutting the cord, which I feel was kinda like a tease for TRS before pulling the rug out from under their project. They just didn’t give Stage 2 enough of a fighting chance financially…so yes, it didn’t give the returns they were seeking but that was their fault.


It wasn’t returning long before Stage 2 released. The game was stagnating for a long time before they cut it. They didn’t expand because they’d already lost money on it, and further investment would be losing more.

2K promised to do console porting as long as it did well on PC, which it did not. Skin and character purchases had been open to everyone since long before Stage 2. There was just no premium currency then.

2k wasn’t just screwing with TRS out of spite. There were stipulations that weren’t met, and they didn’t have to give Stage 2 a chance at all.

It’s nobody’s fault. Things just didn’t work out.



Hey, can anyone here lend me that old picture of the Reavers going “Look guys, another one of these threads”



@TrickshotMcgee I will personally choose to continue to bear a grudge.


is that what they looked like? the lil monkey things