Say Something Random 5.4


Am I the only one here who likes to watch spiders make their webs, Trapdoor spiders make their trapdoors, ants dig their nests, bees make their hives and wasps make their nests?


I also enjoy watching the toiling of lesser beings.


Guess she deserved it :sweat_smile:



And now for some things completely different…

2017 champion Lion Dance winner!

And I was at Target, and found me one of these…

'Member those old Apple computers in the labs which took 3.5 hard floppy disks?! And you got to play Oregon Trail on it? This handheld looks like that and runs the whole game! I HAD to buy this:

Somehow this purchase has signaled to me that I am not longer in my prime…I bet a lot of people reading this have no idea what I’m talking about…

(Sidenote: The game “ORGAN Trail” on Steam is amazing…worth a buy)


Oregon trail actually worked on the PC before my current one. Haven’t tried it on this one yet. I’ll have to dig the disc out of the massive pile of cases sitting around my desk…


*scrolls through twitter*

Well… would you look at that…


No WiFi? How sad.



My Jeep…I loves it so much!

…my precious!


We were at Texas Roadhouse and I turned it off lol


My sister is playing Tera. Pretty… @@


Can someone recommend me a good ps4 game? I really liked HZD and MHW. ><


Dragon’s Dogma is a real fun game. It’s an RPG and you get to kill big stuff.

Also, the remaster of Shadows of the Colossus is wonderful.




Tell Katt I said hello!


Have you died of dysentery yet?
One of my guys once died because he shot himself in the leg. I didn’t even know that was an option until he did it.


Ok, LOVE this reviewer (just stumbled across them) … Not only does he have a wonderful character (muppet) but they seem to drop good information as well.



I haven’t played it yet but plan to real soon. Hopefully won’t die of dysentery. I normally die when fording rivers because I’m hardcore (lazy) and take risks.

How DOES somebody steal all of your yolks of oxen? I had that happen once…thief took like all 6 yolks.

I can’t imagine dying from a bullet in your leg. Wow.