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How is DOOM on the Switch by the way? No lag when you use the handheld device?


I haven’t noticed anything at all… (and I play pretty exclusively on the handheld while charging my Leaf) I have not seen a hit on performance yet and I have been in a large env. with multiple enemies. Granted I am getting so swarmed that I am just melee every demon I see to death, but still no hit on performance yet. ^.^

I will keep an eye out, I was actually just about to load it up again. (from what I can see, there is not a hit in performance that is noticeable or game impacting at all.) DOOM Switch is a great port! (although getting used to the joycons is a different story.)


That’s great to hear! I just watched the entire Nintendo Direct and my god, Nintendo is on a roll.

Dark Souls Remastered with Solaire as an Amiibo (@LordDerp, would you buy that Amiibo?)
Undertale coming to Switch.
Bandicoot Trilogy coming for the first time on a Nintendo platform.
New Super Smash Bros

Pretty crazy


I don’t even own a Switch and I’m buying that Amiibo en masse


Me this. This me.


Looks like it won’t anytime soon… You’re too popular, @Kai’Sa >w<

The champ literally one shots. That fifth auto which pops the mark deals insane damage, even to tanks. If not for her short auto range, she would literally be the best ADC in game.


Isn’t she AP based though? she looks like a mid laner / jg


She’s a marksman, you can build her around one of the three, AP, AD or AS. Most people are playing her bot, or jg.



I feel bad for my computer… i just shocked it and made it reboot…


She’s really nice for sure >.<

Also, riot talked about her attack range. They said they made it her apparent weakness so her laners can slow down her scaling to late game =.=


Crazy. 1-shotting people is seen as unbalanced. Who’d have imagined that?


How would you feel if I said she wasnt doing good over-all? :’>
It’s funny really. She might be getting buffs >.<


Little sister got grounded again. XD


So MG Survive launched a while ago. I have been trying to find a review that directly conveys the feel of the community of MG without being overly sweary and condescending towards Konami (even though they completely deserve it) and to my surprise, it was Yahtzee’s review that stood out.

For those of you who do not know, tl;dr, Yahtzee is the Gordon Ramsay of video games. Keep in mind that he doesn’t even like MGS as a series that much, he couldn’t even get through MGS 4 properly.

‘It’s a Metal Gear game without Hideo Kojima, which, in itself, is a sticky point, because Hideo Kojima’s is an utterly unique mind that no one has yet managed to convincingly channel; oh yes, it takes more than insane conspiracies, diarrhea jokes, and horrendously-abused women in completely inappropriate clothing; it’s all that, but genuinely taking yourself seriously, as well’.

Konami couldn’t care less about this though so I am glad the game bombed. Might even buy MGS V later down the line.


Did you just laugh at Tsathoggua’s suffering…?


Poor Tsathoggua. Surely she’ll be alright though >.<


She changed my big sister’s contact info on her phone from Mom to “Daddy” Katt got mad. XD

It was too silly. ><


Am I the only one here who likes to watch spiders make their webs, Trapdoor spiders make their trapdoors, ants dig their nests, bees make their hives and wasps make their nests?


I also enjoy watching the toiling of lesser beings.