Say Something Random 5.4


Well if you make it from scratch you can fix all those problems including the base architecture if you recode one thing then you gotta play whack-a-molebug with every bug you fix

But you get to sell the new game for $60 while the slightly less time consuming and slightly less expensive recode that still might be a massive pain in the ass would be free


It’s two years old, dude. That’s a totally acceptable point to announce a sequel. One I don’t even think has a release date yet.


Unless you scrap the programming entirely. Then you already have all the assets, an established playerbase, and servers to use.

That’s literally just less work than a new game.

I forgot about that bit. That game devs aren’t actually obligated to fix their damn game, and can just opt to make a new one instead with no skin off their backs if enough people liked the first one.

If it were just a regular game, I would be inclined to agree, but that’s basically an MMO. If WoW had announced completely rebuilt sequels instead of just fixing things, there would be a lot of goddamn WoW games.


Well they’ve said they can’t increase storage capacity without increasing load times and lag so it seems like there are some fundamental problems when you’re capped at 120 items in your storage and each classified set of which there are 14 take up 6 spots and then you have weapons for those and exotics and high-end gear

There are problems with lighting and people have asked for like 1 1/2 years for them to fix it.

Just like problems in general that haven’t and might not be able to be fixed without a huge amount of time and effort.

Ok but WoW had a subscription.


Not to beat a dead horse, but code has to be built from ground up anyways. I just feel it would be a better things for the devs to focus on the broken shit rather than make something new entirely.

The same work has to be done. They’re just choosing not to do it for the existing game.

About $60 a year. How much did the Division cost?

But if you’d prefer, I can also reference Tera. Or Warframe. Both 100% free. Both have had updates that completely shovel out chunks of code just for it to be replaced. Warframe has, twice, been basically rebuilt from scratch because the devs weren’t happy with health/damage models. Then there’s regular introduction of new content.

The only excuse is for them to make money off of it without having to work to fix a mistake. That annoys the shit out of me.


Um… it’s currently a fair bit more than that and you had to purchase the expansions. You could get an annual pass at one point that was 15 a month.



Huh. Used to be a lot cheaper. I guess they changed that when they did the whole “first 20 levels are free” thing a while back. Think that promotion ended as well.

Edit: nvm it’s late and I can’t math, apparently. or read.


Didn’t Warframe just completely remove a game mode because they couldn’t get it to work?


Warframe is also pretty heavy on microtransactions. Which is common for games that don’t deal in sequels.


Among numerous other things, yeah.

They also spent the last 2 months-ish reworking about 150 weapons and warframes. They’re planning for more, as well as a whole new free-roam area with customizable weapons (not just cosmetic customization, like fallout type shit except a little less complex)

Not really. They’re an option, as with literally every single F2P, but the only cash-locked items are cosmetic. Everything can be gotten for free. Most of it easily.


I’m aware, but the fact of the matter is that F2P games tend to make more money via microtransactions than many non-F2P games make. And every time they release new content it is earned back quickly as many long term players use the microtransactions to acquire the new content.


Not necessarily true, either. The last 2 content updates, the Planes of Eidolon and a subsequent “raid boss” update for it, have absolutely nowhere to even spend cash. Like, at all.

Most long-term players ive met havent spent more than pocket change, and they only do that when they have a coupon for like 75% off of the premium currency.


If it is end game content I guarantee you that it caused a large influx of people spending money to be more capable of going through it. That’s the point of content add ons in a free to play.


Bruh. I play this game literally every day.

The ONLY way to spend cash is to buy materials that you use to craft a custom melee weapon. The melee weapons have absolutely nothing to do with the actual update since you can’t melee the bosses. They just look nice.


That’s not how Warframe works. ><


Fighting for the new champion in champ select is tough . _ .

Hopefully this will past soon…

I am back home \o/
So I can finally play games again :>


Oh no my dear, code affects everything throughout all the statements.

You can change one little line of code and even with the most skilled surgical hands and mind of the codes creator and even though it doesn’t look like it will affect the rest of code it does.

It could be calling on a sim library and that one call function could reek havoc in another part of the game you are not even thinking of that uses that same function.

When coding, it’s best to code with the utmost care in not doing bloated code. But like I said, even in the best coding situations out there you can always run into issues like described above.


I’m more surprised that Google even recognizes emails like that and warns you that it might be people trying to steal your personal information.


So what is everyone playing? Currently I have been loading up DOOM on the Switch AND Mario Games. (Love odyssey hated galaxy)


Mobile: One Piece Treasure Cruise (closing in on 2y login)
PC: Elite Dangerous (check out my recent screenshots in the thread that I posted) and Bioshock Infinite (still need to finish Burial at Sea pt2 and then go Achievement hunting).

And if I have some more time, delve back into Pokemon UltraSun (never got to finish it…)