Say Something Random 5.4


You should check the other ones he did, creatively titled ‘meow’ and ‘woof’.

They are, as VideoGameDunkey would call it, mastapeeces.


My government class usually plays documentary’s on Thursdays and for some reason I forgot it was a history class so I almost said “what is this a class about history?”


lol *10 kappa


I’m very temped to respond à la James Vitsch style :joy:


You should totally do it and send them here


Thing is, I’m not nearly funny enough for that >.>


It’s most likely a bot anyways. A response wouldn’t do much.


That’s actually a good point as well lol

RIP plans to be funny


They were so young too ;-;


I’ve always loved the idea of time travel… I rem this show ^.^


Lol there’s gonna be a Division 2. The first one is still pretty young. Why the fuck would they make a new one?




you win tonights internet


Poor crab, you’d think if someone were to eat it they’d at least kill it fast so it doesn’t have to watch as you tear it apart.


The “Elsagate” intro music doesn’t really fit the tone of the video


Cause there’s a bunch of annoying shit thats kinda hard coded


Rebuilding that section of code is probably easier than creating a completely new game from the ground up, and less expensive, too.


Not necessarily. Some things are built into the core of the game and they can’t rebuild that code without fucking with the code of all the other things that are related to that.


And so they’d have to recode the game.

But isn’t that the same thing they’d have to do anyways PLUS creating new code, new assets, and a whole new release, as well as paying for the support of all new servers.

New games are more expensive and time consuming than just rebuilding the old one.