Say Something Random 5.4


It’s just a boop!!!


Fun fact: When I’m cashier I give employees random names based on their actual name (ex. Anna becomes Annanananana or Anna Banana) and other times it’s random words (ex. boop, hello, bird, etc. but my go to tends to be boop) I do boop and hello often because the order gets sent back to the line and then they see the order named boop or hello lol


A boop with something heavy can still hurt!

You’re 100% gonna get fired.


Nah, they love me too much


I got this joke.


Tiger has a thick head. ^^;; nods


Ftfy murderer


I never knew that Carrie Fischer was the boss to a character naemd Peter Griffen in Family Guy until today. I was always wondering…


Well…hmm, I don’t know but I was more saying that because you are on the first one, unless you are rewatching it then I take that back


When the monster is Stage 1 and proceeds to wreck you, getting two downs and you don’t even get past his armor…

(brought to you by @Echorion)


I still type in Evolve forums to get here, not TRS forums…


I have a bookmark for it, so I just click on that.



10 pointed fingers.


Cheater? How is that cheating? You press a single button and you can bookmark it. Easy.


By typing “Evolve Forums” it is always close to my mind and thus, close to my heart.


I feel like spending hours on it every day is pretty close to home :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough. Touche.


… I have it as my homepage…


I have it bookmarked as well, I even have it as an icon on my phone.


I’ve done that as well lol