Say Something Random 5.4


What is this from?


That looks like RJ artwork.



I don’t get the FBI jokes. Shouldn’t it be the NSA?



I like dogs.



What animal was the pink panther?? Been arguing with my friends.




It’s like the FBI is always watching and monitoring so they are “texting” you

Same with the Illuminati memes that copy this one






The Kraken; a piece made by an artist named Chuy de León.




Fairly anticipated answers. Here’s the problem:

Obviously, a Pink Panther isn’t its own thing, so it’s very easy to say it’s a panther, but then a panther isn’t it’s own thing. A black panther is any large wild black cat, so surely a pink panther is any large wild pink cat. Which don’t exist.

If you ever need any more utterly pointless things argued out, you know where to find me.


There there… ^^;


Oh, they do lots of damage but ADCs usually deal their damage through auto attacks. But they dont exactly “one shot” usually.


Are you saying that the Pink Panther is a cat and not a panther because a pink panther animal does not exist?


No. A black panther animal doesn’t exist. Anything dubbed “panther” is a Jaguar, Tiger or Leopard. So a pink panther is a pink Jaguar, Tiger or Leopard. But which one?


All of them at once.