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Metro 2033


Isn’t that a sign that heat is leaking through your roof?


Probably so. We did work to insulate the roof what we could but generally, this house is old. It’s 90 years old and has literally no insulation at all and only single pane glass windows. We have to put plastic sheaths over all of the windows so you don’t feel the wind coming in from outside, and it like…breathes. It’s odd, since you can see the plastic pillow out and suck in.

I hate the winter. Just seeing the ice and snow physically depresses me, and I suffer from “snow rage”. I can’t stand living in Illinois. If I had my way I would move south and never ever see snow again in my life…ever never ever!

I’ll never make it out of here.


New champ is likely to be related to the Void, but nothing else was said by Riot.

Hoping that the new champ is going to be an assassin that I could like. Death of Akali is near and I’m looking for a new one-shot champ >~>



Rather have a dog that does it on accident than a cat that does it on purpose


When an Elephant has better weight control than you, it’s time to stop trying to get a job. ^.^

@TRS found your next illustration artist for you.




Lord of the Rings Marathon?

Lord of the Rings Marathon.


rip sleep


What’s with the bolder names?



Things keep changing and it makes tiger mad >.<

this is also new


Watching Future Diary. ><


That might be 2spoopy4u

But it’s a decent show.


I noticed that too…it’s more noticeable now…but eh…eh


Purple hair girl blowing people up. Dx Yuno is scary… but she looks cute. >< that’s how she gets you, AHHH ><



I think in the champion roadmap they mention it being a marksman O.O

So I’m not so sure about them being able to one shot like an assassin ^^;


I don’t play LoL, so I don’t know the dynamic of the game. But in a lot of games, marksmen are usually ranged heavy hitters. Hard to use up close, but good aim is generally rewarded with insane damage.