Say Something Random 5.4


The three stages of
"Yes tell me more"


Solid colours added.
Old version (You can see it in the very bottom layer as a visual reference) for comparison, once again.


Who dis? Google was not my friend today.


A youtuber


I like the older pose myself, feels better (arm out, not curled)


That is freaking hilarious. A sign, says come closer on a railroad track and its a funeral parlor. PROPS to Marketing.


Character design is bloody horrible, also why did they change the colour of Aprils skin and what is up with Splinter?


I don’t really mind April so much…but everything else, just kills me. Plus yeah, I hate that angled, hard-edged style of animation. And this all smacks of taking backwards steps instead of forwards in terms of story-lines…becoming more for kiddies than ever before. Heh, and I thought Nick’s version of Donnie was bad with the gap-tooth? That is nothing compared to all this. They also took Leo’s dual Katanas away…now he just has 1 sword, and Mike’s nunchucks are replaced by something like a kusarigama but not…sorta like a mace? Then to remove the sais and change personality and hierarchy archetypes of the brothers? Just…I don’t know what they are thinking. Must be some kind of new political correctness I guess, and not having weapons be “too stabby.”

I for one would love to see an anime of the TMNT, with the turtles brought back to their grim, brutal reality of the original comics. THAT would be quite the show to watch. Rated PG 13+ or even M for mature.


I love her videos!


Everything about it is just awful



not veigar, 2/10


I would take my cloths off and beat the crap out of every one of those Pirañas


Woo cake day



Happy Cakeday, enjoy your wonderful day



Iced into my house.


I have no idea of this gifs relevance but I approve


What in tarnation