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It’s a couch chair rather than a throne now


I’m a chicken lol.


I prefer to give it a more… Chill theme I guess.




Do you see it?



It’s something that I talk about sometimes on this forum. I once was a forumer from Dispenz0r’s Fun Server and left it because the community was toxic. It’s wayyy better to be on the TRS forums than on the DFS forums, the community on the DFS forums is as toxic as its founder who is Dispenz0r.

I have for example this private message of an old member who was a moderator before, those people who took care of this forum were obscene and disrespectful.


You know what would be cool?
A tycoon game based around building a space station.


Sorta like Kerbal Space Program but simplier in fact.
Yeah, that can be an idea. Why not?


Actually no.
KSP is all about space missions in general, as if you were a government ran space agency.
This would be more like a Prison Architect/City Skylines/Airport Sim but with a space station. All about the space station itself.


Ah, I get it. Starbound can make that as well with the building of space stations.



people are guessing that the new champion coming to LoL is going to be Kassadin’s daughter >.<

This guy is Kassadin @w@

I hope if it is his daughter, she’d also have a gas mask sort of thing and be edgyyyy >w<





I am so confuse.