Say Something Random 5.4


If you are referring to Omniverse, that wasn’t at all bad

But that dumb new show they are doing…ughck


I was talking about the new one.


Oh my god I totally forgot about that show lmao xD



Frieza is such a comeback king in FighterZ. Golden Frieza + Sparkling is such a saving grace.


Wait . . . the one with Sean Astin and the Beast Boy voice actor ended and we get this . . . ?

Instead of stuff like this ???



Ι’m . . . I just . . .



I have ruined a child or two’s experience with Lion King with this revelation . . .



It’s heeeeeeeeeere…



Or the fact that during the love scene Timon and Pumbaa were watching… :eyes:



LOL. I was just in a QP of Overwatch… I was widow… had gold kills but the entire team around me was crumbling… I pick MORIA and the other MORIA player imm. says. OH great a DPS Moria I play her as a healer.

I laughed and said… Actually I’m in the top 1 percent with how I play Moria… I am a healer.

They replied saying no your not. (they were mad that I wiped their entire team including them as I chased down their Moria to finish off my desert. )




I can’t believe it’s been three years since Evolve launched. I’m very proud to say I’ve been here for two of them.


I really liked Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom when I was young, hope to see more of him


If the moon doesn’t produce its own light and only reflects the sun’s… Shouldn’t vampires burn up in moonlight?


Well, reflected sunlight is weaker than direct sunlight which might explain why it doesn’t affect them as much.

Funny enough, the earth and clouds reflect sunlight as well. For example, this explains why the temperature is always a bit hotter on a cloudy winter’s day than a bright one.

I can even go further and explain why the coast always has a hotter winter and a colder summer, but that’s talk for another time :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, true. But surely it should affect them to some degree, no?

I guess it depends on whether it’s the heat or the actual gamma photons that they are weak too. Heat would make more sense in this case, because sunlight reflected from the moon is weak enough to not keep people warm on earth (also, in many versions, vampires are also highly susceptible to fire)

But we’ve also seen vampires be able to go outside during the day during cloud cover.